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Retro Table - Buyers' guide

Updated on July 26, 2009

Retro table

Are you looking for a retro table to buy? You have seen dozens of retro furniture catalogs but can't pick the right table? You need some advice on buying furniture?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you're in the right place.
Buying new furniture is always a very hard choice. Furniture has to be practical, useful, sturdy, reliable, comfortable and nice to look at. Most families don't buy new furniture more than once a year, actually some pieces might serve its owners for several decades. It all depends on choosing the right item.

Retro furniture have become popular in the last few years, along with the worldwide retro fever that has spread to most areas of our culture: music, movies, cars, clothing, hairstyles and home d├ęcor. Why is retro so popular? Probably because it reminds people of the 'golden age' after World War 2. It gives feeling of youth to baby-boomers, as the sight of retro items bring up almost forgotten childhood memories. Whatever the reason, YOU have decided to buy a retro table for your home.

I will show you some of the best products that have received the highest rating from customers all over the world. I will also provide you with some general tips on buying furniture.

First of all, my recommendation is to buy furniture online. This might sound controversial. You might think you want to touch, smell and sit to the table before buying it. It's okay. This is the 'pro' of buying in a furniture store. Compare this with the pro's of online stores like Amazon:

  • low prices (often more than 30% discount)
  • shipping is sometimes free
  • more items to choose from
  • large stock
  • user reviews (!)
  • easy to compare prices with other sellers

User reviews are the best way to get a clear picture of what you're buying. The salesperson in the furniture store will always say things to just make the sale. Customers are, however, honest. If an item is of poor quality, they will tell you. Also, if they are loving their shiny new retro table, they will tell you. You should always read user reviews before buying anything online. If 80% of the feedbacks are positive, don't be afraid to order the item.

Guidelines on buying retro tables

There are several things to consider before buying a new piece of furniture.

Where will the new furniture be?
Is it going to fit in that corner of the dining room? Will I still have enough space to move around? Buy a smaller table if you have a small dining room. Buying a smaller table is always better than buying one that's too large.

What will we use the new furniture for?
Naturally, you wouldn't buy a $5000 luxury table for your 6 and 8 years-old children. If you want a dining table, buy a dining table. If you want a bar table, buy a bar table. As easy as it sounds, some people still have to be reminded about this.

How will the place look with the new table?
Picture the room with the new table in it. Colors matter, just as much as size does. Some styles don't go well together. For example, a metallic table won't fit in a room full of wooden furniture.

What's my budget?
This question is the most important. You don't wanna go broke, right? Then please don't buy that $5000 luxury table I mentioned above if your salary is $30000. You might get a nice offer of paying only $49 a week but beleive me - if you can't pay the price of the table right now in cold hard cash, then you can't afford it and shouldn't buy it. As a guideline, you shouldn't spend more than 1/30th of your salary on a single piece of furniture.

How long am I going to use the new table?
The longer you want to use it, the more you can spend on it. More expensive furniture tend to be more reliable. Just keep in mind that you should never exceed your budget.

You must answer all of these questions before buying your new retro table. This will help you make the right choice and select the table that will satisfy your needs.

The best retro tables for the best prices

Here I'm gonna show you some of the best retro tables in the market. I based my selection on customer feedback and price.

The best bar table

Retro Soda Fountain Style Bar Table

This table looks like a really exclusive piece, although it costs less than a hundred bucks. Its design makes it easy to choose the suitable retro chairs as well. Here's a customer's opinion:

I love this table and chair set! It looks fantastic! It is good and sturdy and looks like a million bucks in my kitchen. These folks were great at getting things shipped out in a timely fashion and the price was excellent! - Eva C. Winchester

Dining table - oval

50's Retro Nostalgic Style Chrome Plated Oval Dining Table

This table looks perfect in any dining room. Looks best with white, black and red furniture and on white tiles. The style is based on the diners of the 50's. Very easy to clean, and seats specially designed for this table can be ordered separately.

Dining table - round

50's Retro Nostalgic Style Chrome Plated Round Dining Table

Similar to the table mentioned above, but with a round shape. With a 42" diameter, it still provides enough space for four people to sit to and spend their meals comfortably. Seats are also available in several colors.

I hope I could help you find the retro table you've been looking for. Finally, I'll provide you some links to the chairs recommended for the tables I mentioned above.


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