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Review Of The Dirt Devil Quick Power Cordless Hand Vac,Dirt's Gone In Seconds.

Updated on March 5, 2013
My Dirt Devil
My Dirt Devil
Dirt Devil with the flip out crevice tool.
Dirt Devil with the flip out crevice tool.

Suck it up quick with the Dirt Devil.

The Dirt Devil Quick Power Hand Held Cordless Vac is not only stylish looking , it is practical and a very useful piece of equipment, and it has a flip out crevice tool! Which is really useful for tight spots. The vacuum is also lightweight, so it is easy to handle. I basically bought the Dirt Devil vac for my Explorer. I really hate using those vacuums at the car wash. They are cumbersome and cost money to use. Besides I want to do things when the mood strikes me, and I don't want to have to plan on it.

So anyway the Dirt Devil works really great, and did a wonderful job between the seats and the console in my truck. I smoke and lots of the ashes fall between the seat and console. The vacuum also did a great job on the floor of the truck as well. I was very pleased the first time I used the Dirt Devil. I have used the vacuum in the house as well to pick cat litter up off the floor, and little clumps of cat fur off the rug, as my cat has really long fur. In the winter her coat gets really thick. I also empty the dust cup after every use.

About the Dirt Devil Quick Power Hand Held Vac:


** 7.2 Volts of power

** It has side air vents *** Crevice tool, with release button

** Comfortable handle ** Charging port

** The power switch

** A Charging light

** Dirt cup, with release button

Charging The Vacuum:

It is important to charge the vacuum before the first use, charge the unit for at least 24 hours.

** The unit is designed to sit on a flat surface

** The power switch must be in the off position

** Keep the charger plugged into a standard outlet. It is normal for the charger to become warm to the touch when charging.

** The indicator light will come on to indicate the unit is charging. The light won't change when it is done charging.n it off,

To use the vacuum, slide the power switch to the on position, when done, turn it off and empty the dust cup, and clean the filter. This should be done after each use.


It is important to read all the instructions before using the unit. You should always follow the safety instructions.

Here are some Safety Instructions to Keep in mind.

** Do not use outdoors or on wet surfaces

** Don't charge the unit outside

** Don't use with a damaged cord or plug

** Don't handle the unit or plug with wet hands

** Be sure the opening is not blocked, and keep free of dust, hair, lint, and anything that will reduce the air flow.

** Keep any loose clothing, hair, fingers, and all parts of the body away from openings and moving parts.

** Don't pick up anything that's smoking or burning. And don't pick up any flammable or combustible liquids such as gasoline.

** Unplug the charger unit from outlet before you begin cleaning it, and be sure the unit is shut off before doing anything.

With all that said, I hope this review of the Dirt Devil Quick Power Hand Held Vac was helpful, and will help you in choosing your next portable vacuum cleaner.


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