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Romantic Luxury Bedding For Couples

Updated on May 11, 2009

A good bedding set can do many things. Luxury bedding is softer, the thread count higher, and visual appeal greater. Your slumber is important. So are those romantic moments you share with your bedmate. Make them both beautiful, soft, and comfy.

Finding the  best luxury bedding for reasonable prices isn't difficult. Amazon has some great bedding from it's 3rd party vendors. Visit here and look for the luxury bedding sets pictured below, or look for something that fits your style even more.

Black and White Bedding
Black and White Bedding

Black and White Zeus Collection

This elegant Black and White patterned luxury bedding set resembles an elegant cocktail dress. This sexy bedding pattern can create endless different positive moods for a room and for you.

The decorating combinations of the rest of the room are endless. Bold colors such as purples, reds, and blues highlighted using picture frames and candles can really create a look of hip elegance

Veratex Corinthian Collection

The Veratex Corinthian Collection is a clean, modern, romantic bedding ensemble. Veratex uses only the highest quality fabrics. In the Corinthian Collection, the sheen of these romantic fabrics is offset by shimmering detail work.

The combination of which softly reflects light to create a luminous feeling. The smooth taupe and natural coloring tones give the Veratex Corinthian Collection a serene and lustrous finish.

Blue Luxury bedding
Blue Luxury bedding

Park Avenue Spa

The stylish  Park Avenue Spa Collection is a beautiful Blue and Gold complete bedding set that comes with everything you need to make an elegant look of royalty in the bedroom. Comes with one quilt comforter, two Shams, a bed skirt, two decorative pillows, two euro shams

This bed in a bag set is great for the master bedroom or to give out of town overnight guests a beautiful canvas to relax and rest while visiting in the guest room.

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