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Buy Round Shag Rugs To Have The Best House Around

Updated on January 21, 2010

Previously I talked about leather shag rugs. While leather shag rugs are a great thing to have in your house, they may not be your thing. That's why I checked out some of the most attractive round shag rugs that I could find, and I will discuss them in this hub.

You are probably asking why you should buy round shag rugs. The answer is simple: they look good! Round shag rugs are popular for a reason. The nice thing about having a round rug as opposed to a rug that is square shaped is that the round rug is able to be more versatile, and there are very likely a larger number of places in your house that you will be able to put your round rug at.

So that answers the question on whether or not you should buy round rugs, but what about shag rugs? Aren't they from the 70's, where they will stay? Not at all! Shag rugs are certainly an option for any home, especially nowadays. The reason for that is that retro things are making a comeback, especially in home decoration. Round shag rugs are just one part of a fashion revolution that is coming.

When choosing any sort of rug, whether it is a round shag rug or not, it is important to take several factors into consideration. Probably the most important factor is whether or not your rug will fit in with the rest of your furniture. After all, there is not much point in laying down money for a rug that you cannot put anywhere in your house. Don't buy a neon tie-die rug if the rest of your house is of a subdued color (maybe an exaggerated example, but you get the point).

Fortunately, there are enough round shag rugs in existence that we can nearly always choose a style that we like and that we are comfortable with, and that will fit in with the rest of our house.

Doesn't match the brown suede couch!
Doesn't match the brown suede couch!

There are other considerations to make when buying a rug, like the durability of the rug. Personally, I have found shag rugs to be very durable. The only drawback is that they will sometimes need a little bit of extra attention when it comes to cleaning, but this is more than made up for by how fashionable they look (not to mention how they feel on your bare feet!).

Now that you understand some of the benefits of buying round shag rugs, let's look at some of the rugs that can be found for sale online.

They are arranged in order of most down-to-earth to most eccentric.

Home Solid Shag Rug - Cream

Cream is a color that will easily go with just about anything, so I put this rug first on my list. The round cream rug will fit in with nearly every kind of wall color, and it would make a perfect housewarming gift, because it fits in with the houses of so many people.

Cream 6' Round Shag Rug

This rug is very similar to the one that I listed above, with the main difference being it is a bit darker in color. This means that it will not match as many styles of decoration, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't buy it. It will still make the perfect fit for many, many people.

Shag Wool Rug - Mocha (5' Round)

I really like the color on this round mocha rug. Although it is not right for everyone, it is the only option for some people. I would recommend this rug for if you have mainly earth colors in a room, and would like to use this rug to create additional atmosphere.

Brown Leather Shag Rug

Leather! This rug is actually made from strips of leather. If you have a room that will match this rug, then don't hesitate to buy this leather rug right away!

Green Shag Rug 5\' Round

I've saved the best for last!

This green shag rug has quite the character, and I would recommend that you have the character to match if you are wanting to buy this green rug. Think that you are up to the challenge?


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