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Round Kitchen Table

Updated on November 8, 2010

The kitchen table is perhaps one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home because it will most likely be the place that a majority of your family time will be.  Most families gather around the kitchen nook furniture for most meals and also use that spot for family meetings, paying bills, or doing homework.  It is the hub of activity in your home.  That is why it is important that the furniture set be comfortable and inviting.  There are many reasons why you might want to choose a round kitchen table and chairs rather than another shape.  In addition, your space might be conducive to certain styles of breakfast tables that are better suited to round kitchen tables.

Benefits of a Round Kitchen Table

If your breakfast nook or kitchen has a section that juts out farther than the rest of the house and that section is a half circle, half of an octagon, or some other roughly round shape, then a round kitchen table is just what you need. No other shaped table would be able to utilize as much of the available square footage. If you tried to put a square or rectangular table in that room you would be wasting a lot of space. Therefore, one of the first benefits of a round kitchen table is that it can use the space in some breakfast nooks more efficiently than other table shapes.

Another benefit would be that when people are sitting around a round table rather than a rectangular one, you are able to face everyone at the table without needing to lean over or back. You also do not have to turn your head that dramatically either. Everyone is within conversation distance. This is a great advantage if you do a lot of entertaining because sometimes you have guests who do not know very many people very well. You do not want them excluded from conversations at one end of the table. With a round kitchen table, it is easy to include them in all conversations.

Yet another advantage of a round table is that there is no area of the table that gets wasted. With a square or round table, you cannot put anyone in the corners because it is very uncomfortable for them. You can only put people on the sides of the tables. With round kitchen tables, you do not have any corners so you can squeeze in as many people as will fit around the table with no wasted space.  Plus, there is more room to put other items in the breakfast nook like a pantry cabinet or floor plant.

Styles and Materials for Round Kitchen Tables

Certain kitchens have certain decorating styles that might lend themselves well to a round kitchen table and chairs because of the materials used to make a lot of round tables. For example, a small kitchen that only has room for a table for two is almost mandated to use a small round kitchen table because it is very hard to find kitchen tables that small in any other shape. Many small round kitchen tables are designed after outdoor café tables made of rod iron. You will find many tables with metal legs and a glass table top. The table top is rarely metal like in an outdoor café because that is not a smooth surface and is hard to work at if you need to do something other than eat.

A round glass kitchen table is also great if you have a modern kitchen and house. Modern style homes often have lots of open space and lots of glass because clear glass gives the impression of open space even when there is none. A round glass table will help with that impression.

If you do not have a modern kitchen and in fact you need a table that sits more than two, then your round kitchen table will probably be made of wood.  Larger round kitchen tables are typically made of wood.  There is no particular reason for this; it is just a pattern that has emerged.  If you have a family of four but occasionally you entertain larger groups, then you may want to consider a round kitchen table with leaves.  Tables are designed to accept anywhere from one to three leave making the overall shape of the table more like an oval than something round.  However, these tables are a good choice only if you have the room in your kitchen to accommodate them.

Another style of table that is usually only found in a round shape is the high top.  High top tables are ones where the table top is at chest level rather than below the waste.  These tables usually come with stools rather than chairs and are great for entertaining.  They are usually round in shape because they are usually pretty small.  It is extremely rare to find a high top table for more than four outside of a restaurant.  This style of table is great for entertaining because people can both stand and sit at the table and still have a conversation.  It allows larger groups of people to mix and mingle.


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      5 years ago

      Hooray! It's Bone Daddy Jack! Jack's the best. Can't wait to see the rest of him.While I'm here, I need to point out your use of 'can not'. Yipes. You need 'cannot' in your title.Two words are used when you COULD do something, but you opt not to. Like, "I can just not go to the store on Monday, and do it Tuesday."One word is used when you have no optoins, "I cannot wait to use this Lush bubble bar!"So, just because Jack cannot see it, doesn't mean he can't believe it.Sorry. It's just that I've been seeing 'can not' used incorrectly SO OFTEN online the past few years, and it only seems to be getting worse.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Speaking for myself, I love your ktechin posts. Matter of fact, I just posted one of your "kitchen loves" in my post today! It was one of your September '07 posts. It's a fabulous yet simple ktechin with a floor and island to die for!Keep those inspirational posts coming!


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