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Poam - Breath in Spring

Updated on January 29, 2014
Taffy Cleansing Her Surroundings
Taffy Cleansing Her Surroundings | Source
My Dog Taffy Running Toward Spring
My Dog Taffy Running Toward Spring | Source
Ferns Taking Shape       -       Spring Has  Sprung                           "To eat or not to eat"
Ferns Taking Shape - Spring Has Sprung "To eat or not to eat" | Source

Breath In Spring During Your Winter Blues

While walking through the path with dog at bay at least 40` in front, I notice her stop and look back, first at me and than her surroundings; all the while, assuring herself that behind her I am safe and the woods are at sleep. Her energy is breath. With no words to be said, she senses her sight slowly cleansing her surroundings, a fresh coat of snow blanketing the rocks, sheltering the dark hideouts and flowering the paths with strong fragrance toward spring.

Spring, the heart of the year, beating in vibrations, unlocking your rhythm and equalizing the pressure winter left behind. What more wakes your senses and jogs your inner spirit. Spring resembles a fresh bath dowsed with fragrant oils penetrating through your skin, cleansing your inner being.

Enormous energy flows during this time giving off strength in numbers. Spring paralyzes you to a sudden stare, embracing transition right before your eyes. Massive color of all shades fill your mind moving you to a very peaceful being. Your window of spring can change your existence.  Notice what it does for you. Look deep within your heart, the beginning, and realize your ability to bath your inner soul with the makeup of life.  Air, Color, Rhythm and Gentle Vibrations applied with the ability to recognize them and embrace them can ultimately keep you at peace at each one of your windows through spring, summer, fall., autumn and especially your winter blues.



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