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Salters Scales: Salter Scale: Kitchen, Bathroom, Vet, Baby, Postal, Nutrition, Body Fat, Food: Aquatronic, Brecknell

Updated on June 2, 2011

Salters scales are available for most home and office requirements. Salter scales are robust and functional. A Salters scale is available for the kitchen, bathroom and to weigh most items throughout the house and office. A Salter scale comes from a good, quality manufacturer with a well-respected brand name.

Salters scales can be multi-functional but the main categories of scale that Salter is known for are: food scales, kitchen scales, bathroom scales. body fat scales, baby & toddler scales, postal scales, shipping scales, vet scales, nutrition scales, hanging scales, and hand-held scales.

Salters also has the Salter Brecknell range and the Aquatronic range both of which expand the original Salter range of scale.

Salters kitchen scales are either electronic platform scales, or mechanical tray scales.

The Salter electronic kitchen scales have either a stainless steel or glass weighing platform.

They have a maximum weighing capacity of between 11 lbs (5kgs) and 22 lbs (10 kgs).

The Salter Aquatrocic kitchen scales are able to weigh dry or liquid ingredients, just switch between the two modes. This can be achieved using the add & weigh function. The fluid capacity is between 85 and 175 fluid ounces.

All electronic Salter kitchen scales have an LCD display, with automatic shut-off function and run on batteries (included).

The mechanical tray scales have a limited capacity.

Salters produce both mechanical and electronic bathroom scales and also body fat sales.

The Salter bathroom scales are high-capacity and have large platforms for the weightier individual.

The digital scale has step-on technology.

At this time of year most people are thinking about their weight and how to make a difference on the weighing scales. 

A body fat monitor is essential to keep a running review on the percentage of body fat against your overall weight. Total weight is only one aspect of a healthy body.

A Salter body fat

The Salter 914 Electronic Baby and Toddler Scale weighs up to 44 lbs in 1/2oz increments.

The baby tray removes to turn this into an accurate toddler scale.

It comes with a 5-year warranty.

The Salter Brecknell range expands the Salter scale range into the postal / shipping scale marketplace. It also allows Salter to position themselves in the larger capacity scales market.

The Salter postal shipping scales have capacities from 10 lb to 25 lbs.

But if you want to weigh up to 400 pounds then the scale bench is your baby. This bench has full FCC compliance.

The Salter Brecknell postal shipping scales are ideal for home use, small e-Bay package weighing and also for light to medium office use.

Salter Aquatronics technology means that you can measure both dry and liquid ingredients.

How convenient is that?

No more faffing about transferring ingredients between containers - especially where there is an 'add & weigh' function incorporated.

Salter Aquatronics scales are a step forward in the scales technology and should be on your list of must haves for the kitchen.

You have a choice of various formats of Salter Aquatronics ingredients scales.

Not the usual scales you see advertised but there is obviously a market for vet scales.

These Salter vet scales come in various shapes and sizes.

They come as floor scales as well as pediatric table top scales.

The Salter table-top vet scales can weigh up to 44 pounds in 1/2 oz increments.

The Salter vet floor scales weigh up to 1,000 pounds.

All Salter vet scales are robust for the type of use they will undertake. They are battery operated so can be placed anywhere including outside or in an outbuilding where there is no electricity supply. This makes them extra convenient to use.

Salter digital nutrition scales analyze nutritional content of your food by portion size.

They calculate calories, protein, carbohydrates, total sugars, total fat, cholesterol and other values for hundreds of foods.

A Salter nutritional scale is a must have for anyone following any sort of diet.

Salter mechanical hanging scales are ideal for weighing luggage and those items that are awkward for any other weighing machine to handle.

The example here is just one of a number of Salter hanging scales of different specification.

The portability of the Salter hand-held scale lends itself to many small-scale weighing requirements.

The 500g capacity means that only small items are able to be weighed but, since these machines are ideal for the pocket or handbag, this is all you need.

If you require to weigh things like letters on-the-go then take any one of these with you.

They are ideal for weighing such things as precious metal and gemstones when you are purchasing from flea markets, boot sales or from an auction. Checking the weight allows you to ensure you pay no more than the going rate - and you may even get a bargain!

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