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Sconce Lighting Fixtures For Your Home

Updated on November 12, 2013
Decorate your home with Sconce Lighting.
Decorate your home with Sconce Lighting.

Sconce lighting is probably the oldest form of lighting there is, except for the bon fire or fireplace. Originally, sconces were used to hold a handheld torch that could be carried from place to place in a castle or large building or even a smaller home or hut. Some believe that sconce lighting is even older yet, and was used in the times of hunter and gatherers living in caves or other natural places. In any case, the idea was that the sconce lighting that lit hallways or rooms was removable.

Modern sconces, of course, are fixed to the wall and are now powered not by fire but by electricity. Also unlike traditional sconces, contemporary sconce lighting fixtures can aim their light in any direction it is needed, whether up, down, or to one side or the other. This makes sconce lighting extremely convenient and flexible white providing a very beautiful lighting option. Sconce lighting can be used in any room of your house for producing a lovely atmosphere of light.

This wall sconce is an illuminated picture of anything you choose, which can be changed out! Just a sample of how creative sconces can be!
This wall sconce is an illuminated picture of anything you choose, which can be changed out! Just a sample of how creative sconces can be!

What Type of Bulb Should I Use?

Before we get into types and placements of sconces, we should talk about lighting choices. You will find that many stores have either fluorescent and incandescent bulbs in your choice for lighting. However, you might also find the LED lights are becoming a very popular choice. Each have their merit when choosing which to buy, and within each, there are several different choices to make.

Fluorescent lights are the current popular wave of lighting as they use less energy than incandescent lighting. However, LED lights offer a lot more in comparison. For one thing, they are more eco-friendly, as LEDs are recyclable as well as use less energy. You can also do a lot more with LEDs as they are small and can be made into strips of light, and formed in different shapes as opposed to the old lightbulb bulb. Considering all the flourescent light problems, LEDs are a much better selection - especially for sconces, which are rather small lights and used for such purpose. Sure, LEDs can cost more at times, but they have a much longer light span for your task light.

Some Popular Wall Sconce

Contemporary Sconces: These sconces are more styling by today's standards. They often have modern design and are colorful or sleek, made of metal.

Mission Sconces: These sconces are often elegant and clean in design, often made from wood or metal, and provide a serene atmosphere.

Country Sconces: Of course, for the country styled home, these are often detailed with designs, such as floral, and sometimes mixes materials for a homey feel.

Transitional Sconces: These mix traditional look with a modern feel, and are very popular.

Rustic/Lodge Sconces: The kind you would find in a cabin-esque home, these sconces often mimic nature or fauna in some way, such as antler sconces.

Old World Sconces: Think of the old fashioned wrought-iron feel. Very weighty and sturdy look and feel.

Whimsical Sconces: These are fun sconces, often very colorful and maybe even themed at times.

Crystal Sconces: Very formal and sophisticated, these sconces add to a room with chandeliers or make up for the lack of.

Tiffany Sconces: Metal and colors blend together beautifully in these types of sconces.

Tropical Sconces: Close to whimsical, they are bright and colorful. Beach themes are a common type of tropical sconce.

Retro Sconces: These often have a metal feel to them. They are simple, but to the point.

Sconce Lighting for Every Room

Sconce lighting is known as task lighting, that is, it performs particular lighting tasks in your home. What this means is that it is a variety of lighting that can be both useful and beautiful in almost any room in any home.

In the past, sconce lighting was largely used to light the long hallways of such things as palaces and mansions. Today, many people still use sconce lighting to light the halls of their homes. Sconces placed every few feet along a hallway perform the task of making sure you have enough light to travel by while highlighting a separate section of wall at each sconce. This produces a lovely effect of light and shadow along a hall and solves the problem many people have of making this part of the house a visually interesting place. Artwork can be hung at regular intervals in the hall as well, with the sconce lighting drawing attention to these pieces.

A similar effect can be achieved in bedrooms or dining rooms with sconce lighting. Modern sconces can be aimed in several different directions so that photographs or art will be highlighted along your wall. Sconces are also good for showing off certain prized pieces of furniture or cabinets of family heirlooms or curios.

Another great advantage of sconce lighting is that it can be used to light one section of a room for use when other parts of the room are not being used or you wish to leave them dim. A nursery or the room of a small child are perfect locations for sconce lighting. These rooms can be softly illuminated by a sconce at one end or side of the room while the bedding area can be left dim so as not to disturb the child. Some adults also prefer a bit of light in the bedroom that is not too strong.

Sconce lighting can also be used in the kitchen to give more light to dining areas or to places where food preparation will take place. The light from sconces can be aimed to illuminate a countertop or the sink area in the kitchen. When the sconce is not needed, it can be switched off. This ability to turn the sconce fixture on and off as you need it will save on electricity. It has been determined that lighting consumes a great deal of the energy used in a home. Being able to keep one part of a room lit and another dim will bring great savings to you, especially in this time of rising energy prices.

Of course, you should not forget the bathroom when it comes to sconce lighting. When people are having company, they often wish to dim the bathroom lights to make it a pleasant place for their guests. Often, homeowners will light candles in the bathroom to achieve this effect. This is not always the best or safest idea, however, especially if there will be children in the house. Sconce lighting can impart a beautiful glow to the bathroom in a safer manner. These lighting fixtures can be controlled with a dimmer switch for even greater control.

Sconce Lighting: Versatility and Style

Given the popularity of sconce lighting and the versatility of this type of lighting fixture, there are a great many manufacturers of sconce lighting producing it in an enormous array of styles. With just a bit of shopping at your local lighting retailer or online, you will discover the great variety available in this lighting option. You will be sure to find sconce lighting that fits your budget, your style, and your home.

A monkey wall sconce in New Orleans!
A monkey wall sconce in New Orleans!

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