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Mini Chandeliers, Beauty in a Smaller Package

Updated on June 5, 2013

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a mansion and have chandeliers in all your rooms? That would be awfully fantastic, but the thing is, most of us don’t live in mansions. Or castles. Or even houses large enough to accommodate chandeliers, at least not in most rooms. And yet, chandeliers give off such nice light. Chandeliers are beautiful and elegant. They draw the eye when you walk into a room, sparkling like lighted flowers.

So, what to do if you are a chandelier lover but can’t afford a mansion? How about a mini chandelier! Mini chandeliers give off the same beauty, style, and sense of opulence that their bigger brothers and sisters do but in a smaller package. You too can bring the beautiful light of chandeliers into your home, into almost any room you can think of, with a mini chandelier.

Get the touch of the chandelier with mini chandeliers.
Get the touch of the chandelier with mini chandeliers.

The Wide Variety of Mini Chandeliers

There are as many types of mini chandeliers made and sold as there are styles homes and the rooms these houses contain. For those of you with sleek, modern homes, there are mini chandeliers made of brushed steel and frosted glass. A chandelier of this type would look right at home in a living room of contemporary furniture and modern art hanging on the walls.

For the more traditional style house, there are mini chandeliers of dangling crystal baubles and the candle stick variety of light. These lighting fixtures are elegant reminders of bygone times and would add elegance to a dining room above an oak or cherry dining room table. Mini chandeliers can even be whimsical and fanciful. One lighting retailer sells a Sea Horse Chandelier with five sea horse lamps and hand painted rainbow lampshades.

Purchasing Mini Chandeliers

Of course, before you can buy the mini chandelier that will fit your décor to a T, you will have to find it. Fortunately, there are many lighting retailers that carry entire lines of the mini chandelier in all price ranges and styles.

One such retailer is Lamps Plus, a company with both brick and mortar stores and an online shopping center. Through the Lamps Plus website you can browse through many styles of mini chandelier easily and quickly. The Maison de Ville Collection, for example, offers a 11 inch wide mini chandelier. This elegant fixture features crystal pendants surrounding a scrolling frame. The chandelier uses a single 100 watt bulb for an elegant albeit compact accent to a living or dining room. For something with the same elegance but a bit less sparkle, you may instead opt for the Seine Crackle mini chandelier. This fixture features a Seine crackle finish and five eggshell fabric bell shades.

Another lighting store with some truly opulent mini chandeliers is a retailer called Shonbeck. Shonebeck has an entire line of crystal mini chandeliers that are designed to fit into small bathrooms, bedrooms, or dining spaces. The Victorian chandelier is one such lighting fixture of exceptional ornamentation. This single light chandelier fairly drips with crystal icicles, beads, and olives, much like some beautiful sea creature suspended in a column of clear water. The A la Mode chandelier, on the other hand, is a hanging ice cream sundae of pink and white glass. Within the crystal pearls and beads are three candle stick lamps, and thus this mini chandelier is in the style of lantern fixtures.

For something truly unique in a mini chandelier, you might stop by the people at Artisan Crafted Lighting. The mini chandeliers sold by this lighting retailer range from the boldest on the market to the most traditional but all made with exquisite attention to detail and craft. These glass sea anemones and drooping exotic flowers made into lighting will catch the eye and keep it.

Mini Chandeliers for Every Taste

As is evident even in this short survey, mini chandeliers come in styles to suit almost any home and almost any home owner. These tiny beauties will fill your dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or bath with a dazzle of light and a flair of crystal and iron. Truly an elegant solution to your lighting needs, consider mini chandeliers for your hearth and home.


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