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Sell Your Home Quickly with Virtual Staging

Updated on August 4, 2009

Sell Your Home Quickly with Virtual Staging

The housing market is extremely competitive. Shoppers know that it's a buyer's market. Online sales listings can be the first step to enticing prospective purchasers to visit your property. Creating attractive online listings with virtual staging is becoming a popular strategy for increasing buyer interest.

Staging describes the process of filling an empty house with furnishings in order to facilitate a quick sale. Experience and research indicates that an empty house remains on the market longer than a staged house. Some agents claim that an empty house actually takes up to twice as long to sell when compared to an empty house. Prospective purchasers touring the house are more likely to relate to the dwelling if it contains familiar items such as furniture and decorations. A staged home also tends to sell for about 5-6% more than a comparable home that is vacant.

Buyers walking into a vacant house sometimes have difficulty visualizing the potential of the space. A kitchen, a dining room, or a basement may be obvious, but custom spaces such as little nooks or small anterooms often need a little help. Is the space large enough for a piece or furniture, or only a coat rack?

A vacant house may also imply a little desperation on the part of the seller. Potential purchasers envision an opportunity to low-ball the initial offer because the furniture must certainly be residing in another dwelling with another mortgage.

An online real estate listing typically includes photos, but studies indicate that most people spend only a few seconds on each home. A single unflattering photo can sour a potential buyer despite numerous attractive depictions.

Staging is provided by companies who specialize in such services. The process is labor intensive, time consuming, and adds yet another cost to selling a home. In the end, it tends to pay off, but virtual staging may offer a less expensive alternative along with increased flexibility.

Virtual Staging

Staging a home virtually involves a series of photographs taken throughout your empty home. Graphic designers manipulate the photos, adding furniture, draperies, nick-knacks, pictures on the walls, and other touches to attract prospective buyers. The touched-up photos can be added to online listings provided by real estate agencies and Multiple Listing Services.

A convenient aspect of virtual staging is the fact that the company providing the service can be on the other side of the world; simply email your photos and they will typically be returned to you in about 3-5 days. No salesperson will call. ;)

A virtually staged home stands out from competing offerings in the same neighborhood. Skilled virtual stageing experts can change paint color and add designer furniture to enhance the appearance of any vacant home.

Manipulation or Marketing?

Some prospective purchasers may consider virtual staging to be a subtle form of manipulation. In the sense that you, as the seller, are working to present your property in the most favorable light, perhaps mowing the lawn could also be considered manipulation. You may encounter a shopper who prefers to see the grass at its' worst.

Conversely, by staging a home in the most positive manner, the seller provides a clear vision of the potential of the home. The original furnishings might no longer be adequate for the quality of the home or the neighborhood. Perhaps you've been eating off a card table since you moved in.

How To Sell Vacant Real Estate Faster and For A Higher Price - Virtual Home Staging

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    • Stacie L profile image

      Stacie L 8 years ago

      I think this may be helpful as long as the buyer is aware that it is not how the inside looks in reality, but how it could look.good information


    • profile image

      Carol 8 years ago

      I went to http:/// and looked at some of the examples and they look great. It's amazing how much better it makes the house look. The best thing I like is that it can give the buyer a better feeling of what each room can be used for.