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Shabby Chic Storage Boxes

Updated on November 22, 2014

Buying the Best Shabby Chic Boxes

Shabby chic interior decorating has become a big trend within the last decade or so. Using light, flowy colors and fabrics, floral, light Paisleys and other soft prints and distressed pieces that look like they are antiques or "shabby", yet chic, you can achieve a very homely, modern day country and welcoming look as a result.

When you've decorated your home or office using this type of theme, but you're finding that you're in need of storage, you'd be surprised to know that you don't have to stray from the shabby chic feel in order to get your items organized and stored away. Using shabby chic storage boxes for all of your organizational needs, you can keep your decorative side while still instilling order and structure in your living and working space.

Shabby Cottage Chic Wooden Coffee and Tea Storage Box

Looking for shabby chic storage boxes to store those loose tea bags or K-cups? This wooden box has the antique feel of storage boxes used many years ago. There are nine compartments to store anything from tea bags to coffee packs. It even doubles as a great jewelry or trinket box. The French design on the sides and glass lid add a European flair to the storage box, and it will add that shabby chic look you want to any kitchen, bedroom or family room. The box measures 9.5 inches wide by 9.5 inches deep and stands just 3.5 inches tall. There is a metal latch that keeps the top secure, also treated in an antique finish, adding to the authenticity of the box. The box is reasonably priced at only $44 plus shipping.

Ivy Box

Adding shabby chic storage boxes to your room, like this unique Ivy Box, is the perfect way to add hidden storage spaces while keeping the shabby chic décor you love. The Ivy Box is eight inches tall, eleven inches wide and six inches deep, and will help you organize any location in your home. Place it on a bedroom dresser to store jewelry, odds and ends or any other items that clutter dresser tops. It is perfect on a bathroom vanity for makeup, hair accessories or cleansing products. Add it to your desk in your home office to organize mail or office supplies. Even the kitchen counter is a great place for shabby chic storage boxes such as the Ivy Box to store tea bags, creamer and sugar packets or small kitchen utensils. The distressed cream color gives this shabby chic storage box the unique look of something found in an out-of-the-way antique store, and is reasonably priced at only $29.99.

Shabby Chic Utensil Caddy

Looking to add some shabby chic storage to your kitchen area and not sure where to begin? Store your utensils and much more in this shabby chic silverware caddy. This is a fantastic way to store your everyday utensils and flatware. It has six roomy slots for storage and customers rave about the true antique look, durability and how festive you can make it as well as different uses. One customer ties a ribbon around it for entertaining and picnics. What a fun and innovative idea and at under $40, you really can't go wrong.

Shabby Chic Basket

If you need to organize your pantry and/or cupboards, you can keep up with your shabby chic feel using these wire baskets. From rinsing and serving veggies and fruits that you've picked straight from the garden to completely reorganizing your pantry items, these baskets are deep and roomy and have handles that you can use to carry items from one room to the next. Under $20 each, you'll find a variety of uses for these shabby chic storage baskets. Bet you can't buy just one!

Heaven Sends Distressed Wooden Butterfly Design Cupboard

This beautiful, distressed wood cabinet is a perfect addition for anyone looking for shabby chic storage boxes. The vintage look includes an attractive butterfly design on the front that will draw attention to its unique style. The cupboard has a hinged door with a shelf on the inside, and three brushed metal hooks underneath, making it the perfect addition to your hallway, foyer or even a utility room where added storage is needed. The cabinet is just over 15 inches tall, 11 inches wide and four inches deep. At only $51.50 plus shipping, this beautiful, eye-catching cabinet is reasonably priced and will be a conversation piece in any room. The distressed wood gives the cabinet an antique feeling, as if it was removed from an old farmhouse where it served a family for many years. Be prepared for guests to inquire as to what antique store you found this gem of a shabby chic storage box!

Go Shabby Chic

So take your interior design and expand upon it as you store your items and help to get your home and office re-structured, neat and tidy. Remember to check the dimensions of each item as you're shopping so there is no surprise in how big or small each unit will actually be. Have fun decorating and organizing while keeping it all shabby and chic!


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