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The Benefits of a Natural Alarm Clock (Light Alarm)

Updated on February 5, 2015

Are you thinking about buying a Natural Alarm Clock (also often called a Wake Up Light)?

I was bought one as a present a few years ago and have been converted ever since.

Waking up with a natural alarm clock has been found to help you to:

  • boost your energy
  • improve mood
  • increase alertness
  • energizes you on awakening
  • helps fight the winter blues
  • gets you up quicker and helps you fall to sleep.

This has definitely been my experience. I find waking up with a natural alarm clock so much more gentle than traditional alarm clocks and waking up in this way means that I feel better for the rest of the day too.

How A Natural Alarm Clock Works

Waking up to an alarm can be hard enough already without the abrupt and loud beeping sound that most alarms use. What I like about natural alarm clocks is that the sound is of your choice (my favorite is the sound of ocean waves) and you preset the sound and light level to a setting that suits you.

Natural alarm clocks simulate a natural sunrise so the light and sound you have chosen will gradually increase over half an hour to your preset levels at your chosen waking time.

My Natural alarm clock
My Natural alarm clock | Source

Allows You To Wake Up In More Relaxed Manner

I find waking up much easier with a natural alarm clock as there isn’t that “shock to the system” that you get with most alarm clocks. It feels much more natural and gentler and I have found that as a result I am more energized and (usually!) get up in a better mood as a result.

Better For Your Health

Studies have shown that a natural alarm clock can enhance your mood upon waking and help you feel more naturally energized because it is simulating a natural sunrise. Using a natural alarm clock can help you to be more in tune with how you wake up naturally which in turn is better for your body. Your body experiences less stress, leaving waking up to be a healthier and more pleasant experience for you.

Using A Natural Alarm Clock Can Help Seasonal Affective Disorder

The use of a natural alarm clock in comparison with a traditional alarm clock has been shown to be helpful in dealing with seasonal affective disorder. Traditional alarm clocks create a more abrupt awakening which coupled with dark, cold morning in winter can just add tothe winter blues. A natural alarm clock simulates a sunrise which helps the body to feel more in tune with how it would naturally wake up. As the light falls on your eyes in gradually it helps your body to simulate a natural waking experience.

Exposure To Light

Researchers have found that light has a vital role in waking up from sleep. It has been found that a lot of people do not experience enough exposure to light. Using a natural alarm clock can help to increase your exposure to light and create more of a balance. When light appears in the morning, it wakens your senses and increases your energy levels. This is why it is usually easier to wake up in the lighter summer months. When light rays hits your eyelids, the body sends a message to your brain saying to increase the levels of cortisol, the energy hormone. Uusing a natural alarm clock helps tap into that natural process, balancing your hormones and helping your feel more energised on awakening.

Better Mood

Positive mood and good health have been found to be associated with sleep and our biological clock. The time we awake and how we awake affects mood. In terms of the biological clock, light is vital for this process, particularly dawn light. A natural alarm clock helps work with the biological clock, creating an experience of waking that is relaxed and calm and that energizes you.


Natural alarm clocks reduce the level of shock experienced by the body and mind that a traditional alarm clock can induce. A ntaital alarm clock wakes you gradually and calmy, helping you feel energized and balanced.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Natural alarm clocks have been found to positively affect Seasonal Affective Disorder. Often people feel depressed in the winter months, partially due to lack of light. Using a natural alarm clock at any time of the day can help increase your exposure to natural light, as well as inducing a more natural awakening as an alarm clock.

If you are thinking about buying a natural alarm clock, these are some of the benefits you can expect to gain.

I really enjoy using my Natural Alarm Clock. Though it is of course nicer to waken without any alarm, this is the next best thing that I have found to get me out of bed! It is also a nice light to use at any time as it creates a soft, warm glow.

If you are thinking about buying a natural alarm clock it is also worth looking at other buyers reviews to get further opinions, to make sure you choose the right one for you.

5 stars for Natural Alarm Clock


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