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Sleeping Bags for Kids Disney and More Buy Online and Save

Updated on October 22, 2011

Melissa & Doug

Melissa and Doug have an amazing story as well as amazing products!  

Approximately 20 years ago, Doug and Melissa started there business venture out of the garage at Dougs parents home! There first product was the Fuzzy Farm Puzzle. Since then, fortunately for Doug and Melissa, their popularity has grown and they have since moved to a warehouse fit for an empire of toys! And fortunately for us, they have designed a variety of toys and products that are durable, fun and educational.

Their locatio0n may have upscaled, but their philosophy remains the same- to make each and every customer a happy and permanent member of the Melissa & Doug family. Offering products with tremendous value, quality and design.  

Melissa and Dougs kids sleeping bags are stuffed with comfy polyester and constructed of durable, machine-washable materials. The saying 'snug as a bug' becomes a true meaning as your child will be comfy and cozy for a night of fun and sleep in these bug character bags.

Disney Sleeping Bags

Disney sleeping bags are made only of quality materials and fun for your child. Disney offers numerous characters to choose from making it easy to find the perfect fit for a good-nights rest for your child.

Disney Sleeping Bag features:

  • Includes Carrying Bag
  • Polyester shell and 100% Polyester material fill
  • 2-Sided Zipper closure
  • Perfect for Mild-Weather Outdoor Camping,Warm-Weather Camping, or Indoor use
  • Machine Washable / Cold

Eureka Outdoor Sleeping Bags

If your looking for sleeping bags that will keep your child warm on those chilly nights while camping with the family or just hanging out in the tent in the backyard with a friend, look no further.

A great choice is the lightweight Eureka Minnow kids' rectangular sleeping bag. Perfect for temperatures down to 45 degrees` Fahrenheit. It has a polyester taffeta shell with a single-layer quilt construction and floating shell design, and a polyester taffeta inner liner. Other features include a draft tube, inner stash pocket, and a two-way, self-repairing zipper. It also comes with stuff sack, perfect for your child.

This sleeping bag is filled with Eureka's proprietary 7-hole slickened, polyester Thermashield fiber fill, which provides maximum insulation at the best value possible. Each Thermashield fiber strand contains 7 tunnel-like holes that run the length of the strand. Each of these holes traps air inside it's passageway creating dead air space that efficiently retains heat to keep you warm.

Mummy Bags

'Mummy Bags' are perfect for any adult or child! The design of a mummy bag is to keep you warm from head to toe but still giving you enough room to move around and be comfortable.

The zipper is two-way. An added plus is that the zipper is a two-way, meaning, the zipper does not run the entire length of the bag, allowing the user to unzip the bottom portion if extra circulation is wanted. The hood of the mummy has a very easy to use drawstring to bring the sleeping bag in close around the face, or to close off the bag entirely. Also inside, is another easy to use drawstring that brings the bag in close around the shoulders or neck (depending on your personal height).

The draft tube along the zipper prevents heat loss and is also a zipper anti-snag protection.

Whether your child is camping with the family, out on a Scouts adventure or hiking the mountains (hey- they could!) - they will definitely stay warm, dry and comfortable in a Mummy Bag! 

Safety in Sleeping Bags

Always remember that when choosing a sleeping bag to use it for it's intended use. If it is designed for indoor sleepovers, then please use it for such. Children suffer Frostbite all too often on outings where they are not protected correctly. And as we know, children tend to be heavy sleepers, they will not wake to tell you their fingers or toes have gone numb!

Sleeping bags are tested to certain degree. But as I have learned living in the Midwest, temperatures can plummet without warning, make sure to bring extra clothes just in case.

Test all zippers and check for holes in your sleeping bag prior to using. Nothing is worse than a child who needs to get out for a 'potty emergency' and cannot because of a snagged zipper or a rainy night when the tent isn't the only thing getting wet because of a hole in the bag.

Sleeping bags are great fun for your kids, purchase one today and let the adventures begin!


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