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Cheap Snow Power-Shovels Electric, Scoop or With Wheels

Updated on June 29, 2015

Winter Shoveling

AAh Winter....snowmen, snow ball fights, sledding and shoveling?

If you live in the Midwest like I do, shoveling is one yearly event I would definitely not mind cutting from my Winter must-do's. But, unless I stay hibernated in my home for 6 months, shoveling is a must.

Luckily for us there are easier, faster and more effecient shovels that have hit the market!

Say goodbye to Saturdays filled with your "family time" as an outing of shoveling the drive.

Say good-bye to 4:00 am alarms ringing just so you can get the drive clear before the plows come through and you still have a chance to make it to work by 8:00.

Shovels come with wheels and are better than ever!

Sno Wovel

This is a blessing in the removal of snow! The Sno Wovel Wheeled Snow Shovel is a fast and safe alternative to traditional snow shoveling. The Snow Wovel prevents the back breaking chore of lifting and throwing snow by multiplying mechanical force and leverage at the axle of the 35-inch wheel. With a seesaw action, it's possible to throw twice as much snow as a traditional snow shovel into piles over 4ft high!

This shovel or "wovel" is a perfect solution to an ever dreaded chore that arises each Winter season.

The Sno Wovel includes

  • Gravel Wheels
  • Chipper Plate for ice and packed snow
  • An advanced composite Snap-On Wear Strip to extend shovel life

 A must have for this and every Winter Season!

Power Shovels

Compared to a snow blower, the Power Shovel can go where they cannot. The sidewalk, walkways and deck is easily cleared away with this timesaver! Power Shovels are light-weight and easy to use. Making it a must-have for any home.

No gas or oil needed for this snow thrower!

Just plug it in and go!

Electric Blower in Action!

Snow Shovel with Wheels

A shovel with wheels?

An amazingly simple idea that works! No more breaking your back lifting pounds of snow, as you simply push your shovel to remove unwanted snow.

Much like a snow plow, the blade is set at just the right angle to remove snow with your push. The bi-directional snow blade makes it easy and simple to clear your drive and sidewalk in half the time with half the effort needed.

Such a simple design with big results!


Scoop Shovel

Unlike a snow blower, no fuel is needed to remove large quanities of snow easily.

Eliminate back strains from traditional shoveling with Snow Scoops. Snow Scoops are made from Fiberglass, making them a non-sticking surface for a quick and easy glide over hard surfaces such as a driveway or sidewalk.

Lightweight and of high quality, Snow Scoops are definetly a product worth having.


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