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Solar power for homes is a good alternative

Updated on September 8, 2010

 Using solar power for homes is an alternative that is not only feasible but also good for the environment. We have enough of pollution in our daily lives to keep continuing with the traditional form of electricity. Electricity that we use in our homes is mostly made from processes that contribute to a lot of pollution which can be cut down if we start using solar energy which is not only clean, but also renewable which is the most important factor as we need to save the planet for our future generations.


If we keep on using fossil fuels for electricity generation, we are sure to deplete them to a level where it would become difficult for generations to come to even survive. If we have our own source of electricity in our backyard or our roof top, we will not only save on money but also have the satisfaction of cutting down on pollution.


Solar power for homes is a good alternative for conventional electricity

The energy from sun is constant and also free. It is abundant and can be utilized for all our domestic needs which makes it all the more imperative for the government to think seriously on this front and encourage the people to have solar energy generators installed in their homes. This energy is not only clean and renewable, but it is also the safest form of energy that is available for the mankind. With depleting fossil fuels and corresponding rise in the prices of fuels, it is only prudent to look for alternative means of producing energy. Solar power for homes solves problems on many fronts at the same time.


The only hitch that stops people from going for solar power for homes is the prohibiting cost of the solar energy installation panel. But with the advancements in technology, this cost has been considerably reduced and today, the government is also offering subsidies on the installation of the system.

 What do you think of the future of Solar Power for Homes?

Do you think it is a good alternative for conventional electricity?

Personally I think it is a great future alternative energy and will benefit the environment now and for future generations. I know many people that feel the same way and are already using solar power starter packages that are available. The time is now. Hope to hear your feedback.


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    • profile image

      *Voice_Of_Reason* 6 years ago

      Unfortunately, whilst in the UK the government subsidies (feed-in tariffs) just about made it financially sensible (ignoring environmental issues) to install solar photovoltaic power, they have just destroyed the UK industry at a stroke by halving the tariffs from 12th December 20011, announced on 31st October 2011 (so that there is no time for a last minute rush to get systems installed). As from now, if you think the environmental gain is worth it and are prepared to pay through the nose for that benefit, then go ahead. Unfortunately, if financial considerations are part of your evaluation, then it is a bad investment. Thanks very much UK government!!

      For more detail, see my hub on the subject at:

    • profile image

      adair_francesca 7 years ago

      Nice hub. It is true that using solar power is a great alternative for our homes especially at this time the electricity bills are getting more and more expensive.