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Soldering Gun Weller D550PK

Updated on November 22, 2010

Weller Soldering Gun Kits

If you're a keen "do it yourselfer" then there will surely come a time when you get to thinking about buying a soldering gun.

These modern soldering guns are a big improvement on the old fashioned soldering iron, though they still have their place for some jobs.

The Weller D550PK soldering gun kit comes in a handy molded plastic storage and carrying case.

It also comes complete with a range of accessories which includes, 1 soldering tip, 1 smoothing tip, 1 cutting tip, a flux brush, soldering aid tool and a coil of lead free solder.

Weller D550PK Soldering gun

The D550PK soldering gun is a professional tool with 2 heat settings for all round performance. The fingertip trigger control makes it easy to select either the low 200 watt temperature setting or the high temperature 260 watt setting.

The pistol grip is designed for ease of use and is well balanced for comfort while working.

You won't need to go get a cup of coffee while you wait for the Weller D550PK to heat up it gets to working temperature in just 6 seconds.

It also has two built in lamps to shine on the area you're soldering so you can always see exactly what you're doing.

Soldering Gun Kit Great Value

The Weller D550PK gets some great reviews from satisfied customers over at Amazon, you can read them here.

There's almost fifty percent off at Amazon too, so you can save a massive $39.10 and still get free shipping.


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