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Sonic the Hedgehog Posters

Updated on August 22, 2011

Sonic Posters

Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most famous video game characters, second only to the legendary Mario.  Due to Sonic's popularity many people want Sonic posters.This is Sega's Mario and he is an iconic figure. His games have sold over 70 million copies and include Sonic the Hedgehog and various remakes including the new Sonic the Hedgehog 4 remake on XBLA.  This hub features the best sonic posters available to purchase on the internet!

Other recent Sonic games include Sonic and SEGA All Star Racing, the upcoming Sonic Free Riders game for Kinect which looks awesome and Sonic Colours. 

Sonic the Hedgehog Picture - One of the most famous video game characters of all time.  His games have sold over 70 million copies and he is Sega's Mario!
Sonic the Hedgehog Picture - One of the most famous video game characters of all time. His games have sold over 70 million copies and he is Sega's Mario! | Source

Best Sonic Posters

Below are the very best Sonic posters and Sonic pictures that will brighten up any bedroom or games room giving it a bit of Sonic personality and fun.  Some of the posters feature Sonic in different ways and some feature other Sonic characters like Shadow and Amy Rose.

There is quite a large choice of Sonic The Hedgehog posters and I am going to show you, the very best with a link to purchase them from, the most reliable and also best priced online retailer who also let third party sellers sell giving a massive range of Sonic posters too!

So without futher ado, let Sonic shine on you! Sorry I just felt like writing something cheesy! :)

Best Classic Sonic The Hedgehog Poster

In my opinion this is the very best classic Sonic the Hedgehog poster with Sonic looking the way that made him so famous.  He looks cool in this picture and you also get a good looking background in this poster.

It is a really good size too at 31" by 43" so looks impressive in any room too and will really liven up any room!

Rated 5 stars on Amazon and eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping!

Recommended and I think this is the best Sonic poster to have if you are only going to get one!

Sonic X Poster with Shadow and Tails
Sonic X Poster with Shadow and Tails | Source

Sonic X Shadow Tails Cloth Wall Scroll Poster

This is an amazing poster which is of a very high quality rated 4.5 stars on Amazon by 3 customers, 2 gave it 5 stars and 1 gave it 4 stars!

It is made of a very good soft cloth like material and is about 31" by 43" and officially licensed. This is much better than your average poster/wall scroll and really does look great!

Get it today and some sellers are offering Free Super Saver Delivery too.

Highly Recommended!

Get The Officially Licensed Sonic X Poster Now!

Sonic Group Poster Picture

Sonic Group Poster
Sonic Group Poster | Source

Sonic Group Poster 36" by 24"

Looking for a Sonic poster with all of the gang? Well you found it!  This Sonic group poster includes Sonic characters like Sonic, Dr Eggman, Shadow, Tails, Amy and more iconic Sonic The Hedgehog characters,

The best Sonic group poster!

Shadow Poster

Looking for a Sonic poster of just Shadow? You got it!

This Shadow poster looks very impressive on any wall and I love the silver/grey background too!

Made of a lovely fabric material again as with all these posters, it is superior to the usual paper/card posters!

31" by 43"

Looking for Even More Sonic Posters?

Want even more Sonic posters then why not check out Amazon for yourself!

Sonic Posters at

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Thanks for Reading Sonic Posters

I hope you liked this article and enjoyed looking at the different Sonic posters and learnt something about this famous gaming character too and I also hope you bought a poster or two!

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