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Spring Cleaning

Updated on March 29, 2023
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I have three children and seven grandchildren. I worked full time while raising my family. I have been there.

Spring Cleaning comes when plants show signs of spring.
Spring Cleaning comes when plants show signs of spring. | Source

Why Do We Spring Clean

Spring cleaning has been going on since the beginning of time. It may be called something else, but it is still spring cleaning. Why? Because during the winter months, people are cramped inside their homes. They have no room to clean, and no energy to keep up with the little things that can quickly become a big problem.

Dust, dander, animal hair, and so many other things have gathered behind the stove or under the couch. Dust bunnies are multiplying at an alarming rate. Coats and sweaters are often worn all winter and must be washed before they can be put away. The house needs to be aired to bring oxygen back and make the house less stuffy. We do spring cleaning because it is the first chance we have to clean without pushing people, or snow, out of the way. How many of you would shovel the driveway and then go inside to wash and wax the floor? Not many of you would, including me. In fact, washing and waxing floors is usually low on the totem pole for me. We don't begin thinking about such things until those tulips or daffodils peek up.

We need to get that fresh air inside and all that stale air outside.
We need to get that fresh air inside and all that stale air outside. | Source

Winter Is Over

When spring comes, we all race outside to enjoy the sun. We have been cooped up for so long that one nice day can make all of us a little giddy. A breath of fresh air, a new flower, or a lawn without snow can be quite the draw when you haven't had it for so long. Of course, by the end of the summer mowing season, we might be looking forward to a little snow that doesn't require a trim. But the inside of the house has gone all winter without a breath of fresh air. Even if you were out playing in the snow, the house still sat without fresh air circulating.

My feet are finally warm!
My feet are finally warm! | Source

The Draw Of Spring

  • We no longer have to pay for the dryer to dry our clothes because we can hang them outside.
  • The house can be aired out now because it is warm enough to open the windows.
  • Dusting the furniture picks up all the dead skin, dropped food, and pet hair that can make the furniture gray.
  • Windows can be washed to let the sunshine into the darkened house.
  • With no one around, you can clean the floors and rugs with ease.
  • No more tracked snow ruining your freshly waxed floor.
  • No more coats blocking the doorway.
  • No more boots and wet shoes. Well, at least no more snowy wet boots. Spring rains bring out the flowers, after all, and that requires boots.

New Beginnings

Spring seems to be the season of new beginnings. Animals are having babies and flowers are beginning to sprout. Birds that have been gone all winter are now singing, or shouting at each other as they look for mates. The dogs can run around in the yard; and, more importantly, so can the kids. With everything renewing in spring, it makes sense for us to renew our homes as well. Especially when you consider that you won't have to move anyone out of the way or guard a newly waxed area until it dries.

Must be spring because all the babies are out.
Must be spring because all the babies are out. | Source

Everyone Cleans Differently

Everybody has different ideas and reasons for their spring cleaning or any cleaning.

  • Some don't have much to do because they are always cleaning.
  • Some need to clean out excess pet hair.
  • Some will use a mop and bucket.
  • Some will use a cleaning service.
  • Some people spend their winters skiing and need to clean the home that they haven't lived in for a bit.
  • The common thread is cleaning.

But airing, vacuuming, and dusting seem to be the things everyone wants to do; probably because they couldn't really do that much in the winter. The outside is coming alive with fresh air and sunshine. It is nice to have that in the house. No matter your choices, cleaning always seems to give the house a new start like the animals and plants that surround us.

Don't forget to get out there and enjoy the spring season yourself.
Don't forget to get out there and enjoy the spring season yourself. | Source

Spring Cleaning Lists

Not really needed, but:

  • Dusting the furniture.
  • Washing coats.
  • Washing and waxing the floors.
  • Opening the windows.
  • Vacuuming the furniture.
  • Cleaning behind the refrigerator and stove.
  • Cleaning the outside furniture so the grilling can be started.

No matter how you clean, remember that there is no right or wrong way to clean. We all clean differently and at different times. It is your home and you have to live there, not me or anyone else. Why is spring the biggest cleaning? Simply because it is a way to break the winter blues, and perhaps deter small unwanted visitors. Clean your way and take time to enjoy it once it is done.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Cheryl Simonds


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