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Buying The Best Stainless Steel Colander

Updated on October 22, 2010
Norpro stainless steel colander
Norpro stainless steel colander

A stainless steel colander is an absolute must for any kitchen.  This very useful piece of kitchen equipment will make light work of preparing all your fruits, vegetables and other cooked goods.  There are different sizes of colanders available to buy online and here are just a few examples of what you can buy online today.

Norpro Stainless Steel Colander

If you are looking for a really good quality stainless steel colander, then this Norpro colander could be just the thing for you.

It measures 9.5 inches in diameter and is the perfect size to wash or drain a whole host of different ingredients.  The sturdy construction consists of a superior rust resistant stainless steel with a polished finish so that it is not only built to last, it also looks very attractive.

This colander is made with medium sized holes which will allow water to flow freely and easily.  You can use it to wash and drain large items like cut up lettuce leaves and sliced tomatoes in order to prepare a tasty salad.

Alternatively you can use this colander to strain cooked foods like pasta and rice.  All you need to do is to transfer the cooked food into the colander and rinse it under the tap to stop the cooking process. 

Once all the water has been drained away, you are ready to serve up. As a great safety feature, it comes equipped with wire rod handles that stay cool even when it comes into contact with hot liquids. 

The colander also has sturdy tripod feet so you can place it in your sink and know that the contents will not tip over.

3 piece mini stainless steel colander set
3 piece mini stainless steel colander set

Progressive International Set of 3 Mini Colanders

If you would prefer to have a collection of different sized colanders, you could buy this set of 3 stainless steel mini colanders.  This would be very handy if you have small portions of foods that you need to strain. 

They are all made from sturdy and highly polished stainless steel and they all have solid foot bases.  This is a great benefit because it means that you can place them on your kitchen counter top and they will stand up without tipping to the side. 

Once you have used your colanders you can simply put them in the dishwasher as they are perfectly safe to be cleaned this way.

The 3 different sizes of these very handy colanders are:

2 ½ inches in diameter

3 ¼ inches in diameter

4 inches in diameter

These colanders can be placed one inside of each other for easy and compact storage. 


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      8 years ago

      One nice feature to have added to the description is the Stainless Steel and Nickel content. Such 18-8 (304) or 18-10mo (316) so people would know what their buying. Or (302) which is junk.

      Giving that designation would allow people to click directly from here rather than searching further.


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