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Storage Solutions for Your Home and Work Spaces

Updated on November 27, 2011

Solving Organizing Dilemma Together

One of the biggest dilemmas any person can have is how to keep their home and working spaces well kept and organized. This is the same problem I used to have in our garage where I do most of my handy-dandy activities; same thing with our living room where my kids love to play around. Good thing my wife is a patient organizing geek and I love her so much because of that.

However, I can't help but worry about her because she is using most of her time cleaning and organizing our entire home. That is why I try to help her and find organizing stuffs that can lessen her burden. Fortunately enough, the material handling store where I am working now has a good selection of storage solutions and organizing supplies.

Now that our organizing dilemma at home is over, I would like to share to you some tips on how you can also keep your entire home organized and well kept. In this page you can find some organizing tips and a list of storage solutions you can use for your home and work spaces. My wife and I worked together to create this lens and we hope that our lens can help you solved your organizing dilemmas as well.

How to Keep Your Home and Work Spaces Organized

Everybody loves a clean, well organized home but not all of use have the luxury of time to clean and reorganized our thing everyday. Well, you don't have to worry because there are lots of things you can do to make sure everything in your house is organized and will keep that way for the longest time possible.

The first thing you must do to keep your home and work spaces organized is to separate things accordingly: separate things that belong to your kids, your partner and yourself. Then categorize these things depending on the use and where these things are often use. Say your kids have toys; you can categorize these toys as toys for the living room, toys for the room and outdoor toys. Then put these toys in separate containers and place these containers in the particular area where these toys are often used. You can do the same thing with your books, tools, craft materials, magazines and anything that are frequently use in and around your house.

And since kids are the major clutter-creator in most houses, it is also ideal if you can label your storage boxes or containers so you and your kids know exactly what is inside the box. Kids also love all things with labeled especially if they are in the stage where they are starting to learn how to read. Kids these days love challenges, that is why reading labels and putting the right toys into the proper boxes will surely catch their attention. This system can also help your kids how to be patient and efficient. Using brightly colored containers can also level up this organizing system. Not only are these brightly colored containers aesthetically appealing, kids also love lively, brightly colored boxes.

The same thing applies for adults; we also love our storage boxes labeled because we don't want to waste time looking for things. Neutral, solid colors are the safest options for adults. Containers and storage boxes are available with or without lids or covers. You can also find containers that can stack up together which are ideal for small spaces. When choosing for the right storage boxes and containers, your best options are the industrial grade products. Not only are these products more durable but you are actually getting more than your money's worth with these products. And because they are sturdy and more solid looking, they can easily blend in with your hardwood furniture.

Organizing for Kids

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Color-Coded Plastic Totes for Documents
Color-Coded Plastic Totes for Documents | Source

Storage Solutions for Home

Decorative Boxes for Toys
Organizer with bins for easy-to-see, easy-to-access toy storage. Sturdy wood construction with stable wide base, painted white finish and structural stabilizing steel rods. Plastic bins in cheery pink, green, blue, and yellow pastel colors.

Clear Plastic Keep Box
Keep Box is great for keeping supplies oraganized and stored away. Clear plastic storage boxes allow easy visual identification of contents. Stack and nest to save space. Full-length steel hinge pine lids. Sold in quantities of 6 per carton, priced each.

Color-Coded Plastic Totes for Documents
Color-code your inventory for quick reference and easy identification with these durable, lightweight Corrugated Plastic Totes . Corrugated Plastic Totes are Constructed entirely of tough polyethylene, corrugated totes feature sonic welded seams and steel rod reinforcements for extra strength. Cutout handles ease transport. Nestable.

Stackable Colored Storage Bins
Stack/Nest Totes and Lids are constructed of high-density polyethylene that cleans easily and resists most industrial solvents. Boxes nest when empty or stack when full. Tight-seal lids (sold separately) protect contents.

Divider Boxes
Divider Boxes is an excellent way to protect small trinkets from dust and other debris.

Mounted Cabinet
Two-Door Mounted Storage cabinet has durable resin construction that is completely maintenance free. Includes one adjustable shelf. 100-lb. capacity overall. 50-lb. capacity per shelf. Cabinet doors can be locked for security. Snaps together without tools. Ideal for storing first aid kits, medicine, chemicals and toiletries.

Ultra-Capacity Housekeeping and Wardrobe Cabinets
Ultra-Capacity Housekeeping and Wardrobe Cabinets | Source

Storage Solutions for Work Spaces

Clear Polysterene Cabinets
Space-saving Stacking Tip-Out Bins keep small parts sorted, organized, and easy to find. Each injection-molded storage bin tips out 45° and can be completely removed for easy access and refilling of contents. Polystyrene cabinet with clear bin front. Single-sided stacking bins that mount on the wall or stack on your work bench.

Mountable and Stackable Polypropylene Bins
Polypropylene Bins are designed for secure storage of small parts in assembly operations, health care, stockroom, and warehouse applications. Durable polypropylene resists water, rust and will not corrode. Large hopper front permits easy access to stored contents. Use alone or stacked for maximum space utilization.

Small Plastic Divider Boxes
Oil-resistant polypropylene construction. Plastic Divider Boxes organize, store and protect a wide variety of small parts. Reinforced hinges allow cover to stand up in open position. Steel rack holds five boxes-for transport or wall mounting.

Small Parts Bin Cabinets
See-through storage cabinet drawers are chemical-resistant and allow for quick visual checks. Rugged, high-impact polystyrene frame and unbreakable polypropylene drawers make the Storage Cabinets extremely tough and durable. Perfect for your crafting materials, small parts and tools.

House Keeping Cabinets
Perfect for storing your cleaning materials like brooms, mops, pail, vacuum cleaner as well as your tools and equipment.

Take it Easy: Organizing is No Brainer

Keeping your home and work spaces is no brainer, so take it easy. You don't want to spent your whole energy stressing out on things. Everything will be a lot more easier if you will try to enjoy doing things. To lighten things up, you can play your favorite music as you organize things or doing your chores. And for the best organizing experience ever, try to do it with the whole family, more like a family bonding. Instead of movie marathons you can have a weekly family general cleaning day. Prepare some easy to cook foods like popcorn, ready made cakes and pies or order from your favorite restaurant. Just make sure to throw away your bossy tome and panicky attitude. I am sure you and your kids will enjoy cleaning the entire house together.


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    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      I'd also like to suggest stackable plastic drawers. I have these all over my house for storing all kinds of hobby and cleaning supplies. Voting this Up and Interesting.