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String Lights: Learn to Light Up Your Pary With These Diverse String Lights

Updated on March 11, 2011

String lights offer a great type of lighting to use for a party or to enliven your overall outdoor decor. Whether you want them for your patio, for an outdoor party or for an indoor party, you will find these little colorful lights playing their part, adding fun and ambiance to the atmosphere.

You can hang these rope lights from a tree, along the stairs, or along the roof; in fact they can be hung just about anywhere; they make excellent decorative lights. Sometimes these light strings can be so festive and fun to have around that it makes you a little sad when you have to take them down and put them away, until the next time. This is why many people choose to use them as patio lights so they can be enjoyed for a long time.

This hub will discuss the convenience and beauty of string lights, the development of solar string lights and the best way to select either outdoor string lights or decorative string lights.

Outdoor String Lights
Outdoor String Lights
Patio String Lights
Patio String Lights

The beauty of string lights lies in the fact that you can decorate with them by using your imagination. Many people create an amazing tropical party atmosphere by draping string lights through palm trees You can weave the string lighting around the trunk and leaves of a tree to a degree where the tree becomes a shining monument rather than just any other natural, woody structure.

You can arrange to keep the string lights steady or make them flicker at regular intervals. There are quite a few decorative, ornamental options available in string lights today with different designs, shapes and functionality to suit different themes from novelty string lights for exotic environments to party string lights for a single crazy night with friends.

Since string lights can be cheap and are very easy to install (it is just a matter of connecting the plug to the outlet), they are a favorite for many party decorators. Some even have a switch, which when pressed regulates the flow of lights to make different sets of lights in the string go on and off at a certain sequence. Some of the string lights also come with a small speaker and accompanying switch; when pressed they will play a themed music like “Happy Birthday” or another party jingle.

Also once you set string lights, you need not take them off; all you need to do is change the light bulbs when necessary. This makes them a little more safe and less of a hassle than tiki torches.

Solar String Lights
Solar String Lights

Solar String Lights, A Positive Improvement Over Traditional String Lights

More and more people are acknowledging the idea of buying solar string lights because they are great for outdoor partying; solar string lights make great garden string lights. Since decorative lighting for a procession or a party can consume quite a bit of electricity, solar string lights are great for both the environment and to help you save money. Besides being cheap, they are also ecologically friendly and can illuminate your garden or your patio without running up the bill.

For solar string lights, you do not have to worry about taking power from the electricity of your home. These lights work by accumulating the solar energy (energy of the sun) to charge rechargeable batteries during the day. Make sure that the solar panel of the string lights gets enough light during the day. Once it is charged well, you can make use of the reserve energy to illuminate the night with a crystal clear display.  And they make a great compliment to the more common solar pathway lighting.

Solar powered string lights work with LED technology. These little bulbs consume a bare minimum of the energy compared to regular electric bulbs. So you can imagine how much energy you are able to save and how much they help you control your energy bills. These solar LED string lights also have a photocell that makes the process of generating light automatic from sunset to dawn.

String Lights
String Lights

Choosing The Right Kind Of String Lights

You can choose from various colors and designs for your string lights. If you want a subtle effect, you can go for white lights. Blinking colored lights, while obnoxious in some settings, are a popular choice for creating a playful, festive atmosphere.  String light bulbs or string light lanterns can also inject mood into the party.

These and other types of string light covers come in various motifs, such as star string lights, raisins, snowflake string lights, flowers, hearts, dragonflies, pumpkins and more. You can buy string lights from any retail, hardware or electrical store or even find them online at great prices. When you buy string lights online, you’re afforded the ability to browse through an incredible variety of options before settling on your choice.


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