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Updated on April 22, 2013

Every Home Should Have One

I am the proud owner of a well stocked toolbox, very thoughtfully put together by a considerate ex- boyfriend. He said “If ever you end up on your own you will need to have the right tools to do things in the home.”

It’s bright and shiny red and gleams at me invitingly. Inside, there are two tiers of tools of many kinds.

Kind ex had obviously put a lot of thought into this. Maybe even researched on the internet what things he should include to help out a female in distress or dire need of DIY without the disaster.

Items in my trusty Toolbox:

  • · 1 x 16oz Claw Hammer
  • · 1 x 13oz Hammer
  • · 1 x 5m Tape Measure
  • · 4 x Phillips Screwdrivers in assorted sizes
  • · 4 x Flat head Screwdrivers in assorted sizes
  • · 1 x Ratchet Screwdriver
  • · 1 set of Spanners in varying sizes
  • · 1 pair of needle nose Pliers
  • · 1 pair of round nose Pliers
  • · 1 pair of Wire Cutters
  • · 1 x Adjustable Wrench
  • · 1 x Spirit Level
  • · I x Junior Hacksaw and replacement blades
  • · 1 x Stanley knife with replacement blades
  • · 1 x Carpet Knife
  • · Assorted electrical fuses
  • · Assorted fuse wire
  • · Screws of varying sizes
  • · Nails of varying sizes
  • · Rawlplugs of different sizes/colours
  • · Assorted nuts/bolts
  • · Insulating tape
  • · Masking tape
  • · Carpet Tape
  • · Fine and coarse sandpaper
  • · 1 x Flashlight

Now wasn’t that good of him to think of me and do all this? Right before he dumped me...

On the Move

I moved home in January and I knew I would be perfectly adequately equipped for any small DIY tasks I may have to undertake at my new place. Indeed, I was absolutely right.

I have hammered in picture hooks and put up my pictures and wall art. I’ve screwed in all my curtain tie back holders and brackets. I’ve done paint touching up and hundreds of other small jobs.

I treasure that toolbox and often gaze at it lovingly when I notice it lurking at the back of the utility cupboard. I have even polished it from time to time but have I ever opened it? Of course I have; on many occasions.

Surprisingly, I seldom take anything out of it; or if I do I usually put it back without actually using it. So how have I managed to do all these small maintenance tasks?

Well, with the aid of my own set of tools... And what are they you might ask? They are the most reliable; easiest to use DIY tools I have ever possessed and I wouldn’t be without them.

Single Women Really Need a Toolbox

‘Single women really need a toolbox.’ Pah! All I need is my Steak Hammer, Potato Peeler and Pastry Brush. Add to that some Filler, No-More Nails strong adhesive and a Palette Knife. With these I can tackle most things. The potato peeler is invaluable for screwing and unscrewing all types of screws. The steak hammer is used for hammering in nails and hooks. My palette knife makes a wonderful scraper and also smooths out filler famously. It's so much easier to go to the kitchen drawer to get out my pastry brush to touch up scuffed emulsion paint; than it is to battle to the back of the utility cupboard and hoist out the heavy toolbox. By the way the emulsion washes out without a trace!

If I find anything I can’t manage, then I’ll get a man in!

If you really must

If you really feel you have to have a toolbox of your very own this video should show you how to go about setting one up. Should you really want to get carried away you will find that there is a vast range of girlie boxes and tools available on-line in pretty pink!

© Susan Bailey 2012 All Rights Reserved


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