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Tenant Loans

Updated on July 22, 2010

Tenant Loans for Non Homeowners

Non homeowners or what is commonly known as tenants are now given the privilege to apply for financial assistance. There are many types of financial aids that are offered in the loan market today and tenant loans are just one of them. This type of loan is specifically designed to provide assistance to non homeowners. Assets or other resources are very hard to come by especially with the state of the economy these days that is why loans that are tendered for tenants or non homeowners are offered in two different types; secured and unsecured.

Secured credits for tenants are required to be put up with security against the loan that will be taken out; it can be an asset or any property of value that you have proper documentation that will prove its ownership. While unsecured loan for tenants are usually put up without the requirement of any collateral to guarantee the loans. A tenant may also look for lenders that offer no doc loans for non homeowners. The amount of the loan will depend on the current market value of the asset that will be used as collateral. With the help of this type of financial assistance; non homeowners are given more opportunities to help elevate their money troubles.

Eligibility on the the Loan Application

With the help of an unsecured monetary assistance, tenants are granted with the cash that they need. Loans for non homeowners are eligible to any type that distinguishes them as tenants and they can be an occupant, lodger, renter and boarder; as well as those who are considered as paying guests and leaseholders.

If you are just starting to live on your own and you need to buy new furniture or need a car for transportation, you can apply for this loan. Borrowers are also eligible for problem remortgage loans to help pay their way to college, settle outstanding debts and pay off bills. Some may avail of a non homeowner’s loan for pleasure purposes; it can be for a vacation getaway or a long holiday trip.

Applying with a Cosigner

Loans for tenants are easily attainable especially for those who are given high credit standing. Borrowers with very good credit history are also offered with better interest rates and they can apply for unsecured loans with no difficulty at all, compared to those who are applying for bad debt mortgages due to low credit scores. If you are aiming for a higher loan amount, however, your credit rating is low, it is best to apply with a co-borrower or a cosigner. A co-borrower will sign with you on the loan agreeing to pay for it once you fail to do so. Any person that you know can be a cosigner but most borrowers used their parents or relatives as their co-borrowers.

It is very important that you find a loan company that will perfectly suit your requirements. The terms and the conditions of the tenant loan should easily fit your financial budget. Getting a loan that will demand more on payment will just result to more monetary problems. The payment for the loan should fit in your monthly expenses. Borrowing more than you can afford will surely result to money struggle which is the reason why you apply for the loan in the first place. It is crucial that you study your options first before you apply for this loan.


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