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Termite Insurance | Will My home Insurance Cover Pest Control

Updated on September 1, 2010

Termite infestation is definitely a big dilemma for home owners for numerous good reasons. They are extremely deceptive to go in the property from the backyard and to the building itself. Some might go undetected for some time though the deterioration induced is growing consistently. The termites feast upon the wood from the inside, inside out, and once there are signs of the pest activity on the surface, the building might be entirely hollowed out and ready to fail.

Additional trouble with the insects is that if they're exposed they are very difficult to kill. Professional application of the pesticide or trap systems is recommended and it might take quite a long time until the colony is actually wiped out fully. Thus, it is necessary to obtain some kind of termite insurance or bug elimination insurance plan that allows you to shield your home from the problems due to termites.

You will need to realize that the standard home insurance plan will not cover property deterioration due to termites or other home infestations for instance. Additionally more, the insurance policy companies do not offer separate plans and policies for protecting against pest infestation. The only way to make sure that your property will be covered against termite presence and work is with the pest control management providers directly. These types of companies provide comprehensive plans of services and a proper guarantee for them.

Termite Pictures

The initial step homeowners should take should be to use a termite controller to file an examination of the home. Whether or not you have found the insects or not, you are strongly suggested to acquire this sort of review of your property. The insects are very deceptive and will not be an easy task to discover, so the help of a reliable inspector are certainly a wise course of action, particularly if you live in a region in which the termite levels is considered to be abundant.

Termite Pictures

Typically following the examination, a complete specialized report is supplied from the pest controller that features a comprehensive report on the infestation of the pest nest and the destruction it has caused. That is, of course, if any infestations are exposed. From then on, you will be offered the most suitable way of the eradication of the insects which have attacked your property. Based on the type of treatment you've picked most pest control companies will offer a good guarantee for the services they've carried out. This provides as pest insurance.

Termite Pictures

A typical arrangement typically includes the annual examination of your house by the individual controller, for which you have to file installments yearly. Should, any pest colonies are found the company is required to eliminate it at its very own expenses. Some agencies even provide a cover for the damages that the respective future termite activity might cause. Thus, if the infestations have ravaged your property and generated damage, the restoration is usually taken care of through the controller.

Will my Home Insurance Cover Pest Control Management?

Take on care to keep your house free of ants, harmful termites, moths, and other pests, because your home insurance won't pay the repair bills. Standard home insurance plan policies don't usually cover pest-related damage.

Most home owners policies contain an exclusion for animal losses, meaning damage caused by birds, vermin, rodents, insects or animals owned or kept by the policyholder.

Insurance providers regard infestations as a home-maintenance issue. For example, an annual pest examination and treatment would head off an infestation that may lead to problems, so it falls upon the homeowner to take care of it.

Termite Inspection

You will discover a few situations in which a home-owners policy will cover problems involving animals. For instance, if an animal made a fire in your house, the problems would be covered.

Under standard home owners policies, the collapse of a home is covered if hidden pest or vermin damage made it, explains David Thompson of the Florida Association of Insurance plan Agents. "Hidden" means the homeowner can't see the damage.

The damage resulting from a fail is covered, but the actual damage done by the insects or vermin is not. For example, say termites eat a support beam under a home and the home collapses. The cost to replace the beam is $2,000. The problem to walls, floors, and roof trusses is about $25,000. The $2,000 beam is not covered, but the other deterioration is covered.

Pest Control Management Insurance Policy

Pest control management insurance policy is carried by bug control providers and sole proprietor exterminators. Typically, this type of insurance is intended to cover the company's liability in the event that it causes bodily harm or property deterioration. Bug control insurance plan may also cover company vehicles, tools, and equipment; pollution due to the company; and employee injuries. Often, these companies also carry employee dishonesty insurance plan, which provides protection in the event that an employee steals from a customer or commits some type of fraud.

Pest management services typically apply a range of chemical ecologically friendly pesticides within residences and commercial properties. In some cases, this type of business may also apply chemicals around the perimeter of a customer’s property. When pest elimination chemicals are in use, there is a possibility that the chemicals may damage the health of a human or animal. It's also possible that such chemicals will damage a customer’s property; property deterioration may even occur during some types of pest inspections. Pest elimination insurance plan provides the company with financial coverage in the event of an injury, property destruction claim, or lawsuit


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    • McConnell Group profile image

      Shawn McCconnell 5 years ago from Mississauga, Ontario

      @melissa termite: I'm not sure about the specifics on your home owners insurance. you would need to get a clear definition of what insect damage is. Most insurance companies have a specific Termite "clause" if you will that may need to be added to your standard homeowners insurance.

    • profile image

      Melissa termite 5 years ago

      My homeo wners insurance.covers insects and insect damage.recent we discovered termites and lots of damage, however, my insurance company says termites are not covered as insects? If they are not covered under insects what are they?

    • Loves To Read profile image

      Loves To Read 7 years ago

      This is a very useful hub McDG. These very destructive pests can wreak havoc in the structures of any timber buildings. As you stated often by the time they are noticed the damage is well advanced. Many probably don't give a thought to insuring against them

      God Bless