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The Art Of Square Tables - Small And Large Spaces

Updated on April 27, 2014

Choosing The Best Table

Choosing the best table for a dining room or kitchen is not always the easiest feat. While some houses have large dining rooms, others are simply made without the dining room and not a whole lot of space in the kitchen for a table and seating. When you have an extreme lack of space in the kitchen or dining area, consider looking at square dining table options to save on space and add a chic appeal to the kitchen or dining space. However, space does not have to be a problem in order to fancy a square dining table. On the contrary, square tables can also come in larger sizes and fit up to 16 people.

Square tables can be placed in a corner to save even more space in a very small or narrow kitchen, whereas round tables require placement in the middle of the floor, with chairs surrounding them. The square dining table provides more options for small, tight spaces than longer, rectangular tables and round ones, plus alternative seating options can be included to provide more seating at the table when necessary.

Square Table Design



Here are some ideas to help you with finding the perfect square dining table for your small kitchen space:

1) Consider seating – Think about how many people are going to need to sit at the dining table. If there will be more than four people sitting at the table, a rectangular table might be a more viable option, however square tables also allow for bench seating that can accommodate to people on each side, and while it may be a tight fit, it is still a workable solution to a small space.

2) Material – If you want to provide the illusion of more space in the kitchen or dining room, consider a glass table or one that is made of bright colors. Teak wood and white tables also appear smaller than dark woods, like mahogany and cherry tables. Lighter and brighter colors and especially transparent glass tables can give the impression of a more spacious, airy area. Think about the décor that you will be creating the kitchen appeal with and try to coordinate the square kitchen table with the décor.

3) Expanding tables – If you only plan to seat two to four people on a daily basis at the dining room table, but still would like to leave room for extra dinner guests on the weekends or on special occasions, expandable dining room tables will probably be the option for your small space. Consider purchasing a table that comes with a leaf that can be inserted to the table so that it can accommodate guests comfortably on those special occasions and then taken back out and stored in a closet when you do not need it. If you are planning to purchase an expandable table, and you want a square dining table, pay attention to how many leaves the tables that you are considering come with. Some come with one leaf and some come with two leaves, so take into consideration how many people you will be planning to invite to your dinners and holidays and choose which table will fit your space the best during these occasions.

4) Square chairs – Square tables will accommodate more square chairs than any other shaped chair. Square chairs will fit exactly side-by-side to each other, also saving on space in the kitchen or dining space, and you will find that if you are trying to sit eight at the square table, square chairs will help in ensuring that all eight people fit comfortably around the small table, while saving space.

If space is not a problem in the kitchen or dining room, but you still desire the elegant and grandeur appeal of a square table, you can find a modern designed square dining table that will work for any amount of space you are working with. Some fit up to 16 people, while others are made for 12 people, seating 3 people on each side in stylish and chic seating, as well.

Dining Table Ideas!

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Some Tips

Here are some tips for the spacious square dining table:

1) Placement – Placement of the large square table is going to be vital to the design and décor of the entire space. If a large square dining table is chosen for a large dining room, placing it in the middle of the room will give you the most seating options; however the square table can also be placed against the wall, which will reduce seating by one entire side. Ultimately, you will need to think about how many you plan to seat and whether you want access to all four side of the table. Additionally, consider the placement of other furniture in the room to ensure that spacing is not lopsided. You do not want a lot of space in one part of the room and furniture to be condensed in other areas.

2) Material – Similar to the small tables, the color and material that the large square table is made of will alter the way that the space appears. Therefore, heavier and darker woods will weigh down the space, while brighter colors and glass topped or mirror topped tables will give the room even more space.

3) Chairs – Seating for larger tables can be more spacious, because there is not the worry of trying to fit the seats around a smaller table. Therefore, chairs can be large, square and ergonomically comfortable with armrests or you can select more contemporary styled chair that has a high back to complement the elegance of the expansive table.

Beautiful Dining Table

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Essentially, your style and taste can be reflected in the square dining table and chairs that you choose for your small or large space. Whether you love the architectural, modern styles or would rather stick to a more traditional, heavy mahogany table to accentuate your space is up to you. Use your space wisely and you will be able to enjoy meals with the family, no matter what size space you are eating in.


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