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How I Move Furniture Easily By Using The EZ Furniture Moving System: A Product Review

Updated on August 16, 2015

It Is Impossible For Me To Move Furniture

I am so glad I have the EZ Furniture Moving System. I find it SO difficult for me to move furniture around in my house. I have put wheels on almost every piece of furniture in my house. There is never a man (like my wonderful son-in-laws), or Grandson to help when I need help. I weigh 94 lbs. and have NO strength in my arms and back to lift heavy chest of drawers, wall units, etc. So my job doesn’t get done until I can get some help.

5 stars for EZ Moves Furniture

I Watch The Demonstration

I happened to see a TV commercial for a product called the EZ Moves Furniture Moving System. The guy was demonstrating the system showing how easy it is to move heavy furniture using this system. He even moved a car on a showroom floor. Well, that caught my eye! Of course, I didn’t believe a word of it, but I had to watch this ridiculous commercial anyway! Then, he showed a little old lady who was using the system to move a heavy wall unit. The wall unit was full of ceramic figurines. I thought she’d take everything off the unit, but she didn’t. She actually lifted the unit fully loaded, slid the special Furniture Slides under one corner, lowered it, and went to the other three corners, and repeated the same process. With a gentle push from her, the unit moved! She moved the wall unit over the carpet with ease. Then the guy asked her to move it back, and she did. I was not convinced yet.

Another Demonstration For The EZ Moving System

The next demonstration for the EZ Moving System had another lady move the same wall unit still fully loaded across a wooden floor, which I suspect would be harder than moving it over carpet. Again, the wall unit slid across the wooden floor.

Now, I’m beginning to really believe what I’m seeing. I have been fooled several times buying products that never perform as advertised, and being the skeptic that I am, I was convinced to order the system.

The Price For The EZ Moves Furniture Moving System Was Reasonable And Product Is Easy To Assemble

The price was very reasonable, I thought. I ordered this EZ Moves Furniture Moving System, and now I don’t know how I ever got along without it.

I dreaded when it would come for fear I wouldn’t be able to assemble the system, let alone use it. The instructions couldn’t be easier to follow: First you assemble the furniture lifter. This comes in two pieces, and is easily assembled. There is a lower and an upper part to the lifter. This is put together using a spring lock. When it clicks you know it’s in place. There is a beveled edge on the lifter that goes underneath the furniture to be moved. The lifter is placed under the most solid part of the piece to be moved. You only have to lift the piece enough to get a slider underneath. This slider has foam on top and a smooth surface on the floor surface side. When the piece of furniture is where you want it to stay, simply repeat the process and remove the sliders. It is then ready to be used again for the next job.

The entire system is engineered to lift high or low pieces. It has an adjustable pivot point, making this very easy. The company does not recommend using the system on concrete because of possible damage to the smooth surface.

I Am Glad I Have The EZ Furniture Moving System

I sure am glad I saw this TV commercial that day. It has really made a difference in my life. Now, instead of waiting for help to move furniture around in my house, I just get out my EZ Furniture Moving System. My family cannot believe I do this all on my own!

Sliding The EZ Slider Under Furniture


Just Watch This Demonstration On The EZ Furniture Moving System


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