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Plant a Beautiful Garden for your Home. Start Planting Spring Bulbs Now. You will Love it in the Spring.

Updated on April 5, 2017

Flowers of Spring

Lavender Tulips
Lavender Tulips | Source
Bearded Iris
Bearded Iris

The Beginnings of Spring

Flowers, flower arranging and gardening are a passions of mine. There are so many varieties of flowers both annuals, which must be planted yearly, and perennials which, come back yearly. I have purchased or been given so many flowers I am now struggling to find great locations for them. You need to be aware of each flower's sun needs and water needs.
As spring is in the air the first bulbs you usually see are crocus. Next the daffodils and tulip blooms begin to show their stems. Unfortunately this year I had very few tulips, crocus, or hyacinths. Possibly because of the strange weather we had this year .
Plants need time to begin their growth cycle and once begun if a cold front comes through and freezes their delicate blooms you might be left with brown tips on your buds or no bud or bloom at all.
Once the blooms begin so does the array of color entering my home. I will have up to 10 different arrangements in my home at one time, depending on what is blooming in the yard.
As new leaves begin to form on my rose bushes and hydrangeas I spent most of the day planting fertilizing and putting out insecticide and herbicide to keep insects and disease from attacking my bushes early in the season. I love to use mixed fertilizer that comes already prepared with the insecticide and herbicide. All I have to do is shake it around my plant work it gently into the soil, mulch and water well.

Every morning is an adventure to walk around the yard and see what new plant or bloom is showing itself. Growing flowers and arranging them in vases is a tremendous stress reliever. Try to collect various size vases at flea markets, garages sales, Goodwill, whatever you like.
Container gardening can be accomplished all year and one of my favorites is a mix of viola and narcissus in an old teapot. As summer draws closer geraniums begin to show up on front porches and the fun of architectural design of your containers begins adding both height and room for cascades of both flowering or green vines.
Gardening of any kind is a rewarding and relaxing hobby.

Spring Flower Arrangement

Problems with Animals

I have been battling deer, rabbits and chipmunks yearly. The most humane way to rid your home of the offending critter is to use specially made cages and then capture them and take the "pets" to the country.

I find little holes all over my yard. I am never sure what might be living in them although I have chased a chipmunk just to watch him disappear into one of the whole.

We do have a pet black snake (not really a pet). I am terrified of snakes but I know he is my friend as far as my bulbs and flowers are concerned and allow a coexistence with him!!!!. My neighbor laughs and tells me he has seen our pet snake in his yard also.

One year we tried putting chilli powder on our hosta but this was a very temporary solution.

On Amazon I have seen a cool looking contraption. It is supposed to mimick a scarecrow and shoots water in a circle when it senses movement. You can set a timer so it only goes off at night. I have not tried it yet but experience tell me I will probably need to at some point.

Contech CRO101 Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler

One of the more humane ways to protect your plants from critters.
One of the more humane ways to protect your plants from critters. | Source

Spring Gardens

Tulips and Pansies  a great combination
Tulips and Pansies a great combination | Source


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