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The best shower curtains

Updated on July 13, 2009

Showering makes you clever!

Turn your bathroom into a conversation piece

I have always for some reason, been very fond of shower curtains. As a matter of fact, the first thing I look for when entering a friend's bathroom for the first time, is the shower curtain. It is just stronger than me, and actually, I must confess I have used the restroom excuse just to take a look at the bathroom decor.

Call me nosy, or just simply weird but this is something that just developed recently. Before, I could care less about shower curtains. If I think about it, I think this passion started once shower curtains started becoming pretty unique, pieces of art.

When I was younger, shower curtains were pretty stale pieces of plastic or cloth that came in boring colors. People just picked the shower curtain by matching the color of their bathroom. The bathroom in the home I grew up was blue, so my mom picked a blue curtain. Pretty obvious, no? Then somebody, pretty smart and with a great sense of style decided to make shower curtains more interesting.

Once married, I turned my blue main bathroom (yes, I love blue bathrooms) into a seascape adventure. I put shell shaped soap containers, starfish themed towels, and of coarse my shower curtain displayed colorful tropical fish. Evertime I took a bath or a shower I felt like I was on some tropical island.

Having two bathrooms made me double the happiness of decorating them. My second smaller bathroom was the imitation of living in a ship. I painted on the wall a nice painting of an old vessel. My mirror was actually a rudder, and of course the shower curtain displayed anchors and waves.

When I go shopping my husband knows I must stop by the bathroom display to check out new inventory. I have been very pleased to notice that the shower curtain aisle is always larger and that lately it has been offering more variety than ever.

When surfing Online, I am even more pleased of the variety offered, as many more decor ideas for my bathrooms come to my mind. I was really surprised to see how much originality has been added to a simple piece of cloth.

Shower curtains have turned out to be a new learning strategy. I have seen curtains with the world map on them so that while showering you can learn where Denmark or Luxembourg is, and I have seen curtains with the top 500 SAT words to allow ten minutes of practice a day for the college student.

For the most traditional, shower curtains now have turned into colorful canvases, depicting the most beautiful and stunning images of animals and nature sceneries. I really can fall in love with some of these curtains, as they are truly works of art.

Shower curtains, cater even to those appreciators of modern art. There are various selections of curtains featuring geometrical designs and pop art artists. City skylines and black and white city views have their own uniquenness that add an intriguing metropolitan touch to even the most boring bathhroom.

A day will come where there will be shower curtain contests, since more and more types of curtains are feautered every day. I hope a shower curtain museum will open up one day, for sure I will be the first to reserve my tickets!


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