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Unique and unusual alarm clocks

Updated on March 14, 2011

Toss a ball, chase a helicopter or hear the rooster

Wake up in an unusual matter

Alarm clocks rule our lives, they tell us when to go to work or when we need to get up for an appointment. Our lives would be better off withouth them since we could snooze as long as we wished undisturbed. But since we live in a man made world where we must obey to rules and regulations at least to earn a living, alarm clockes have become essential modern time commodities.

I will never forget a special alarm clock my sister ordered once in a mail order catalogue many years ago. It was a rooster shaped alarm clock that would sing a good cock a doodle doo each morning. It was much more acceptable than that annoying beep emitted by modern time alarm clocks. There was still a surprise twist we only learned later. Once the rooster sang you had the option of shutting it off by pushing down it's crest and once you did it the rooster even said "good morning"!

Finally, one day the rooster must have gotten old since it was no longer singing well. And one day it stopped from singing all together. We then switched to a traditional alarm clock but we truly missed Mr, Rooster....

Nowadays, there are a variety of cool alarm clocks. I have yet to find another rooster one but the alternative ones are still pretty appealing. There are projector alarm clocks where you get to see the time reflected on the wall. I like these a lot because I hate to turn by head towards my night stand instead I can stare the ceiling and see the time with ease.

Alarm clocks have surely grown sophisticated since my 1980's rooster alarm clock. Not only do these alarm clocks prompt you to open your eyes but they also want to ensure you get up on your legs and start walking! Some alarm clocks will roll off your night stand so you must chase them to shut them off or even better some will launch a helicopter that wil start flying along with the special key to stop the alarm! I am sure everybody would do their best to turn off that damn alarm!

I still miss Mr. Rooster though, the closest I got was to buy a recording alarm clock. My dad recorded himself imitating a rooster since he was the best at it and even though it was not a perfect cock a doodle doo, I must say it could have sounded like a real rooster!


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    • profile image

      Moshi Lifestyle 8 years ago

      I'm not sure about the "throw alarm" football clock. I can see a football player tossing that a little too hard into the wall on a bad morning.