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Tips To Save Money In Plumbing Bills

Updated on September 7, 2011
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She loves to write about science, the natural world and peoples questions about life. She has degrees in Biology, botany and Ecology.

Mirna Santana

Are you wondering how to save money and frustrations when dealing with plumbing clogs? The solution may be in a box.
Are you wondering how to save money and frustrations when dealing with plumbing clogs? The solution may be in a box. | Source

The three Stooges- A plumbing we will go

By Mirna Santana

Identify common plumbing problems and take a ''do it yourself approach.'' You will save a lot of money in plumbing bills. Go ahead do it yourself! I hope the clog to coins sponsored by Drano Snake Plus serves to motivate a lot of people to learn how to unclog their drain, restore the flow and keep their money in their pockets.

How homeowners approach plumbing issues? Homeowners and landlords know that plumbing bills are expensive. Some plumbing repair bills are also clearly avoidable. This is why most landlords and homeowners fix the problems themselves if possible. Many problems are avoided using preventive measures like cleaning and picking up hairs or making sure the spoons, forks or unwanted stones do not enter the drain system.

Plumbers are great people yet you can handle the minor problems yourself do not chicken out or be a too picky. I know just the thought of all that gunk in there is annoying. Yet the plumber's bill could pay you a nice dinner so think again and do it yourself. Of course if what you have is a major task delegate it to the experts!

Common problems you can deal with are different types of clog drainage such as a clogged sink; a garbage disposal machine that does not work, and the clogged bath tub . Many homeowner find their solutions at a local hardware store. Now that we have you tube videos, do it yourself guides, or how to videos and articles, the issues are becoming less obscure and more easy to handle. I imagine that this is not good for plumbers but it is good for your pocket!

When you experience plumbing issues, it is probably a good idea to call your do it your self mind-set buddy. He at least once has deal with one of these issues. He knows the best plumber in town so if your plumbing issue sound cumbersome he will recommend the best person to hire. By using this approach you will not only show your friend your trust but will also continue an old tradition: worth of mouth of recommendations. You may also check online ratings for plumbers or handyman in your area.

Aha, if you are one of those person who fall in love with the plumber or the handyman or if you like to share your good fortune then very good, call the plumber right away! On the other hand, if you are the driven, learner type, who likes to learn how to fix things and save $, then stay with me.

Common easily solve problems and what to do?

1. The clogged sink or clogged bathroom sink: to unclog the drain, first clean the area and inspect it with your hands; use a snake; try hot water and Drano or other fat/clog solvent. Let warm water run for 10 minutes or so after applying the solution. All products come with instructions to follow. Bathroom sink problems are rarely difficult to solve, except for the bathroom sink installation or major replacements. Bathroom plumbing supplies are readily available in most hardware stores.

2. Another common home plumbing problem is the garbage disposal machine: This machine stops easily. It depends on an engine and if yours have a weakly engine then it will refuse to work with any little hard piece of food (fish spines, seeds and so on). If you have a powerful engine, the noise is unbearable but it will be a nutcraker..just kidding. In any case, check for small pieces of hard stuff like little stones or things that are difficult to break. Verify the energy supply. Check the parts. There is a bolt for it under the sink so you can easily detach it. If if its truly broken, you may even order the engine from an online or a local supplier. Believe me--''ask and you will be given". Yes, if you ask around, you will realize that some of your buddies know how to handle plumbing problems. They may even help you for a beer, a dinner or fro nothing/a thank you or a hug!

3. The bath tub: Check for hairs and stuff that may be blocking the flow. Next use hot water and the snail. After that you may use a suction cup plunger. If you are like me, you may feel guilty for adding chemicals to the water but sometimes you need that kind of solutions (use the gunk/clog solver, yeah Drano). When you see the water moving, it will feel like a victory!

4. A very important problem regarding bathroom plumbing is the toilet: If the toilet is clogged life at your house would not be easy. To deal with it, first, use that suction cup plunger --that is the common rubber orange cup you find at most local hardware store If that does not work, use a force ball type, which suppose to exert more pressure. Be sure to cover your face with a mask, just in case. If that is not working yet, use the auger or snake, which has a torque that allows you to manipulate the system. I would say if that does not work the next solution is on the hands of the plumber, because that toilet will need to be lift up from place...that is probably not going to be pretty. In that case don't be cheap, paid for it.

Do all the minor plumbing task yourself. Do not worry, you are certainly better at it than the Three Stooges. Get rid of those clogs and call it your victory!

I am adding some sites you may find useful as guides for your plumbing task. Good luck!

ps. Thank you to Simmone Smith for the tips for the clog and coins hubbers.

© 2011 MSantana


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      8 years ago from Madison Wisconsin


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      8 years ago from Nigeria

      Nice hub, thanks for sharing.


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