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Refrigerator Buying Tips

Updated on September 22, 2014

Before You Go Shopping

When purchasing a new refrigerator, consider the many options that are available. Any features that are familiar and well liked should be on any new purchase, otherwise it will be the feature missed the most when it's no longer available.

Write down the measurements for the opening in which the refrigerator will be placed and carry them when shopping for a new refrigerator. them with you before you start looking at new models, With all the sizes and types of refrigerators available, assuring that it fits without any problems is avoidable with a little planning ahead.

Is the currently used refrigerator the right size to meet the needs of the current household members? Kids may be gone from home, and no more on the way, so the capacity will probably be more suited for the needs of a couple instead of a large family.

Determining Your Style

Refrigerators come in side-by-side, top, or bottom mounted freezers. Be sure to check any possible choices thoroughly for height of inside storage. Many people that don't pay attention to this factor find out and become dissatisfied with their decision. Especially when the bottom shelf is too low.

Options are something else to consider. There are many luxury options to choose from as well as the standard features. Options that could be considered include: in-door ice and water dispensers, humidity controls, storage areas and gliding baskets. Don't pick one just because it has a lot of compartments, get the one that has the compartments needed.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to major appliances such as a refrigerator energy efficiency is an important quality. When looking for the best energy efficiency refrigerator, look for one with the Energy Star seal.

Consider all of the color options in the kitchen before shopping. The most common color choices include: black, white, almond, and stainless. Try to imagine a color that blends well with any permanent decor.

Many appliance stores, hardware centers, or many refrigerator repair shops carry scratch and dent products at a reduced price. These are a good way to save money and most people can't even see where these blemishes are unless someone points them out.


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