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Top 20 Ways on How to Become a Successful Person

Updated on January 2, 2013

Analyze Your Possibilities

If you have managed to cleanse your mind from intrinsic or negative thoughts, your mind will probably be greeting what you initially perceived them to be difficult and bizarre. These things will now begin to emerge as door-opening opportunities. Now is the time to toss the windows of your thoughts and let the unthinkable log into your intellect. Forget about what has happened in the past, shut the door behind you and start looking ahead for you are going to get a successful person. Bring out a positive person inside you who never say never.

Recognize Your Position

Understand your position and familiarizes it with the goals you’re aiming to set for yourself. Regardless of what and how many possibilities you may latching onto, regardless of what dreams you may be going in for, one thing you have gotten to make sure that you are turning out to be a joyous steward of life. You’ll now be marketing you creativity and let others know how your ingenuity is now available to them. The unique features of possibility thinkers are that they tend take a position at the right time in the marketplace.

The best salesman, before he starts marketing, recognizes his/her position with respect to the competition going on in the market. Then he’ll reanalyse frustrated social need. Have you found any open niche for you? You're not supposed to push yourself into the marketplace without giving regard to the competition for it can end up terribly. You must learn to modify your track keeping in view all the dissatisfied human wants. Don’t cast off your dreams just because someone resided in your position in the marketplace. Chances are that you may get any profit percentage, even though small, as a result. However, you need to ask yourself whether you’ll be satisfied with that profit percentage at the outset. There are several small businesses that focus on trivial turnovers and their expectations are lesser than that of competitor’s, yet they are successful. Chances are there that your competitors might not be offering a good-quality service.

It goes without saying that few businesses are only taking pleasure in being the first position among their competitors. Ironically speaking, the person who stands first is unarguably in the enviable stance.

Scrutinize Your Values

Here, comes the most significant step towards achieving success. Stick to your values. Imagining possibility thinking while sacrificing your natural values could take you towards agony. For example, if you are fancy to become a superrich without considering law and order, you might end up in becoming a criminal. Therefore, without these values success brings in nothing but an abominable practice. You need to ask yourself few questions. After when I achieved this goal, will I be satiated and if yes, up to what extent? What is the opportunity cost for reaching out this goal? If I keep going in a way I’m will I acquire what I am going after?

The bottom line is that you must keep your substantial values alongside your goals for, in the end, there won’t be any numbers! People only! You’ll see that there is a love, hope, and happiness all ahead of you and success will then mean prosperity for sure.

Itemize Your Assets

If your hopes are improbable and your dreams appear to be unlikely, don’t quit. All you need is to check and recheck each asset. The problems are not meant to defy you rather they’re intended to fly you higher. Every crisis brings opportunity with it.

You should list your financial assets. Make a move and start thinking in a positive fashion. You are not as meager as you think of yourself. You must think beyond your capabilities since you don't know how capable you are. You are still left with some cash, jewelry, property and clothes. Besides, there are some secreted assets such as your knowledge, experience, faith, and dedication. Never underestimate your hidden treasures of assets. The predicament starts from the mere first moment when you don’t realize how much potential you’ve got when everything seems to be fading away. Recognize your limitless capabilities and discover the inner self that brings a sheer smile on your face. As Robert R. Schuler says, “You can never lose courage because that's what you can always choose". As long as you can afford to donate one dollar to some charity organization, you won’t feel poor. Open your eyes for you’re going to convert your dead assets into live assets.

Just itemize your assets! Don’t be fitted with negative thinking even if people do not pay regard or recognize you as an intelligent person. What if you’re told that your painting is not good enough to place in the exhibition? What if you’re told that you are not a better singer? All these things do not matter in the end for no one can make you feel inferior without your own consent. Learn to give respect to yourself and people will follow you.

Capitalize On Your Experiences

It’s obvious that the purpose of investing capital is to enhance productivity in one way or the other. How many people change their minds just because they have not enough capital to start a new business? If you’re thinking on that pattern then stop it because I’ve good news for you! You can actually convert your failures into legitimate productive investment. That’s right! Did you fail in starting a new undertaking? People would be inquisitive to know why. Let them know by becoming a consultant. You have to drag yourself out of this quagmire by thinking creatively.

Reorganize Your Calendar

Now is the time to mark your calendar. All you have to do is to make sure that you’ve to rearrange your priorities and reorganize your calendar. Write down the list of those people whole you neglected during the journey of your life. Now you’re going to give sometime to them to make them feel you care. Start meeting people and become extrovert. After doing this, proceed to the next step that is analyzing whether or not your next project is viable in the present circumstances. Again, reorganize your calendar and rearrange your meetings with the concerned consultants. Every new day must be different or better than the previous day. Take out the proper time for entertainment and relaxation. You must maintain a sheer balance between your professional success and mental health.


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