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10 Tricks On How To Decorate a Small Living Room

Updated on September 1, 2019

Does your living room have small dimensions? Would you like to know how to decorate a small living room? To achieve this you can follow a series of tricks and thus ensure that your living room has its style taking full advantage of the space you have. In this article, we tell you 10 very simple tricks that you can apply to get an ideal room.

How to decorate a small room: less is more

The living room is perhaps one of the most important rooms in a home. In it we spend countless moments surrounded by our family and loved ones, and why not, enjoying that precious time just for us. Choosing a decoration that represents us and with which we feel comfortable is crucial.

Thus, knowing how to decorate a room that is not especially large is very useful and important. Exploit its dimensions to the maximum, do not overload it, adapt in the best way the style that we like. All these points are important in how to decorate a room.

10 tricks on how to decorate a small room

Indeed, in decorative matters, the maxim that "less is more" usually works perfectly in most cases. Endeavor to overload walls and other elements will not work if we have a small living room. We have to plan how to decorate a room taking into account all its features. Let's see some tricks to succeed.

1. White is your best ally.

It's true. White always works and failing that, we can use light colors in general. That, yes, we are very supportive of the white reigning in the walls of small rooms. Do not hesitate to combine it with neutral colors such as beige or gray.

2. Choose a minimalist or functional style

It is clear that if you intend to succeed in how to decorate a small living room, we cannot overload the space with many elements. Choose very specific objects and make each thing fulfill a function.

3. Order in the room!

Try that nothing above and that everything keeps its place. Preserve the orderly place. Just as important is knowing how to decorate a room like it is not a neglected and messy place.

4. Do not give up personal details

You do not have to remove your personality from this space despite the lack of square meters. Once you opt for a decorative style or another, give it your personal touch. Discover what defines you and make your house talk about you. It is the true secret of a decoration 10.

5. Small or folding tables

A large table is not a good idea. Use folding or small tables in the center of the room. If you can, choose furniture that can adjust its height so you can support yourself to eat or work for a moment.

6. Hang up the television ... and all you can

If you are going to place a television, the best thing you can do to save space is to hang it. Nowadays, all the devices contemplate this option and it will be easy for you to install it on your wall. Do the same with other electronic devices or other elements: remember that the walls are also useful!

7. Use shelves without structure

The best solution for storing books and other objects that you want to place in the room is to have shelves on your walls. A complete shelf that rests on the floor will take up more space (physical and visual).

8. Simplicity in the lines

Broadly speaking and if we talk about how to decorate a room, we must always keep in mind to have straight lines without excessive curves. Horizontal elements that lengthen the room visually, for example.

9. Light tones and color details

Light colors are welcome, but also the most uploaded tones arranged strategically, as long as they do not invade very large surfaces.

10. Sofa proportional to the environment

Finally, this is a general trick that we advise you to follow throughout your decorative plan: look for the proportionality of each piece of furniture and each object concerning the space you have.

What do you think of these 10 tricks on how to decorate a small living room? We hope you can put them into practice and enjoy this stay of the house to the fullest.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Charlie Dekons


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