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Walnut Wood Slabs For Home Decor

Updated on October 27, 2014

Walnut wood is a fine and open grain wood that is usually of moderate hardness suitable for flooring. There is a significant color difference between its heartwood and sapwood, and these results in wide variations in grain and color between boards. Typically, walnut slabs lie in the color range of light to dark brown or chocolate brown. The sapwood is sometimes tan and sometimes creamy white and the heartwood can be a dark purplish black. Its rich color makes walnut a beautiful and coveted wood for furniture. When seen in intense light, walnut doesn't show much color variation. The color of the wood also tends to become lighter over time.

Walnut has a nice workability but it also tends to show scratches and marks more easily. This is why the finishing of the wood is important. The walnut tree produces two different qualities of wood – the rarer veneer grade and the more commonly found lumber grade. The difference between the two grades lies in the diameter (top grade veneer walnut is at least sixty inches in diameter and has at least nine feet of clear trunk).

Walnut is typically sold after drying in the kiln, with the bark removed. This typically applies to all members of the walnut family. At our bandsaw sawmill, the walnut is dried to less than 10 percent moisture, so that the wood can be worked on without it warping. The walnut is then cut to size used by woodworkers.

About the Walnut Tree

The walnut tree is a moderately sized tree that reaches to more than a hundred feet and has a trunk that can be as wide as sixty inches in diameter. In North America, the walnut tree typically grows in Canada and Eastern and Mid United States.

The original walnut tree that grows wild in England, the English Walnut or juglans regia, is cultivated in the USA since the English lumber is hard to find. The American black walnut, or juglans nigra, is another type of walnut that is available for lumber. Other types of walnut trees used for walnut slabs include the Butternut, the Persian Walnut, the Claro Walnut and the European Walnut.

Uses of Walnut Slabs

Walnut is suited for all kinds of cabinetry, fine furniture, the making of musical instruments, wood carving, architectural millwork, gun stocks, and building of aircraft or automobile interiors, box making, inlaying, timber framing, outdoor construction and other uses. Walnut slabs make excellent table tops and chair legs.


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