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Water Ionizers and Alkaline Ionized Restructured Water

Updated on December 18, 2012
Water Ionizers produces alkaline restructured water that is popular because it most closely resembles the properties found in glacier water.
Water Ionizers produces alkaline restructured water that is popular because it most closely resembles the properties found in glacier water.

The Birth of the Alkaline Ionized Restructured Water Industry

Alkaline Water was popularized in Japan in the second half of the 20th Century after scientists attempted to study why the Hunza people in the Himalayas were some of the longest living people on earth. These scientists concluded that it was the glacier water that these people were drinking that had dramatic health benefits and implications for life. These scientists set out to replicate the qualities of the glacier water that the Hunza people drank. These attempts to replicate this water gave birth to the alkaline ionized restructured water industry.

Alkaline Water Pioneered by the Japanese

Water ionizers have become so popular in widespread in Japan, they are even used in hospitals to detox patients that are being admitted. Much of the scientific research substantiating the effectiveness of this water and justifying its use come out of Japan. Much of this research also does not hold up to the rigorous demands of the scientific process and in some cases is dismissed as insufficient or pseudo science. At the same time, there is clear scientific evidence that this water has health benefits. Part of the trouble can be attributed to companies who market water ionizers. Their advertising is often misleading and confusing.

Alkaline Water Advertising Misinformation

Companies advertising alkaline water have marketed these water purifiers on the concept that they significantly alter the PH of the water, giving it a high basic value for drinking, and a high acidic value for cleaning. While the PH of the water has certain benefits, its benefits for health are limited. Presentations on the issue of PH by alkaline water companies focus on chronic acidosis and the high state of acid in peoples bodies in Western culture because of their lifestyle eating choices. The idea these companies put forward is that the high PH will neutralize the acid in your body. There is only a limited amount of truth to this argument because the PH of the water will only have a limited effect on PH levels in your body.

The true health benefit of alkaline water is more complicated to explain and less easy to advertise on. The ionizing affect on the water creates negative -OH molecules that lead to the development of high antioxidants in the water. The very high antioxidant value in this water makes it the highest antioxidant liquid you can consume. This high antioxidant value enables your body to fight off diseases and develop a healthier state of existence

The other benefit is that water ionizers alter the molecular structure of the water to create what is called a 'micro-clustering' effect. This micro cluster effect speeds up the delivery of water to your cells, hydrating your body faster, and flushing toxins from your cells. The better hydrated your body is, the more healthy it is.

Is there a Placebo Affect?

Many critics of ionized water claim that the many accounts of health benefits from users are purely a placebo affect and that there is no benefit to drinking alkaline water. The reality is that some of the qualities of alkaline water are scientifically substantiated and some of the health benefits people report experiencing are so dramatic it is impossible to attribute them to a purely placebo affect. I personally drink this water and I can tell a significant difference in my energy levels when drinking this water compared to drinking even regular tap water. I know people who have regularly dealt with chronic illnesses that no longer deal with them when drinking this water. It is simply irresponsible criticism to try to pass off the benefits people experience as a placebo affect.

Companies and Pricing

Alkaline Ionized Restructured Water Purifiers are not cheap. A good system can cost you between $1000-4000 depending on what you get and what you need it for. However, these systems are also backed by substantial warranties and will cost significantly less over time than if you bought in bottled water. The measurement of a quality water ionizer centers around its motor and the number of plates that it has. This is true with one exception. Direct Disk Ionization (DDI) is a new motor technology on the market that attempts to make plate technology obsolete. It has certain advantages because you can run hot water through this machine without ruining the engine along with some other benefits. In reality all these companies produce the same water, the pricing, marketing, and competitive edge that these companies fight over is in the quality and durability of the product itself. So, when looking for a good water ionizer, be sure to do your research.


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