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Waterless washing machines: Their coming.

Updated on September 23, 2012
Orbit water less washing machine
Orbit water less washing machine | Source
Xeros water less washing machine
Xeros water less washing machine | Source

The orbit

waterless washing machines

The concept of a water less washing machineis on the way. Concepts such as the Xeros water less washing machine and the Orbit floating washing machine are just a couple of ideas that will be able to wash clothes without the use of water. With water and energy conservation being such a hot topic these two concepts are getting allot of reviews. The purpose is conservation of the amount of water usage and waste involved with washing clothes. These are the two most popular so far, but I'm sure that there will be more on the way.

Top ten way to conserve water:

  1. Do your part
  2. Rinse dishes by filling a separate sink with rinse water
  3. Upgrade your refrigerator to one that conserves as much water as possible
  4. When watering plants or grass try to keep the water on your yard as much as possible, and off of the sidewalk
  5. Only wash your clothes when you have a full load
  6. Put covers on your pools and spas
  7. Check your sinks and toilets for leaks
  8. Only your lawn early in the morning or late at night
  9. Use left over water to water house plants
  10. Shorten the amount of time that you spend in the shower

Xeros water less washing machine

The Xeros has a U.S hit date for sometime next year, and is said to cut water usage by 90%. It is a dry cleaning system that uses nylon beads that attract stains. The beads are used along with a cup of water and a small amount of detergent. These beads not only absorb the dirt , but they also soak up the water as well. The washing machine collects the beads at the end of the cycle, and the beads do not need cleaning and last for up to 100 washes.

The Xeros also helps to save on your energy bill since it doesn't use a rinse or spin cycle. This means less of a hit on your energy bill, and more money in your pocket. Also because the clothes are washed mostly by the beads, they come out nearly dry which means less time to dry, again saving you money on your energy bill, and puts out 40% less emissions than most washers and dryers. The concept was created by researchers at Leeds university.

Orbit floating washing machine

The Orbit floating washing machine uses a unique dry ice system to get clothes clean. The way that the clothes are able to float is by a battery filled ring that an electric current flow through, there is a drum that the clothes go through made with a conductive metal. The temperature is then dropped by liquid nitrogen, and when the resistance drops to zero the clothes float in the ring. Then dry ice is introduced in it's gas form at a very high pressure to the clothes. Once the dirt and stains are separated from the clothes it's sucked into a tube, and only clean clothes are left behind. It's an almost carefree machine that requires little to no maintenance. The orbit is still in concept mode and there is no exact time frame to when this machine will be for sale, but I sure like the idea of this one. Dry ice blasting has been around for a couple of years now, but not like this.

These are all great concepts, but there are always ways for us to conserve the amount of water and energy that we waste. Please take the time to check out some ways that you can help do your part. Thanks!

How good are you at conserving water?

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    • dontaytte profile image

      dontaytte 5 years ago from Palos Hills

      Thanks for the comments. I will take any help that I can get.

    • profile image

      john000 5 years ago

      I found this very informative. You know a lot about this product. Without getting mad at me, and only in the interest of helping you, read on to some constructive criticism.

      At 25 hubs, and from your comment in the forum, you are doing ok. Here are some suggestions for technical points.

      Capitalize first letter of meaningful words in titles (not articles, conjunctions, etc.)

      When you have a subtitle, follow the same rule (you have them in BOLD)

      Your basic sentence structure is good. If you could tend to the first 2 above, first impressions would be better.

      I'm ready to buy one when it comes out.

      Fear not if you want to delete this comment - after reading your forum thread I felt this was the best way to communicate. I really think with a little work you have a bright future. Hang in there tough. :)