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How to start any online business

Updated on March 17, 2013

your internet business


Your own online biz

Upon checking the web yesterday I came across an interesting online biz with girls gone style. Normally I'm not that interested in these sort of things, but decided to check out the internet start up anyway. What I found was opening a online biz boutique shop online that pays for items that you sell. Most of the items cost between $12-$48 an are very easy to sell to your friends or family. Within one hour with the internet start up I had sold about $200 worth of merchandise. The commission off of these items were about 20-25% for most of the items, but that's not the best part. I didn't have to pay for anything, the company takes care of that. This by far has to be the easiest money that I have ever made. Now today I am going to start my own boutique.

How it works: The internet start up allows you to fully customize everything from the name to the store front. Next you pick out about 200 items that you want in you shop. For me I had my wife pick things that she liked since I had no idea what to pick. Next you get to pick 12 sale items which go somewhere between 50-60% off which are great deals.

After that you need to find some people to buy you items, which is the easiest part of it all. Just send your items to you face book or twitter page and that's it. You can also chose to have people come over and shop from your home, it's as simple as that. Next enlist a friend to sell from your shop and you both get paid.

I hope that this hub has been helpful for you. Good luck and let's all make money.

New update 0829/2012

Just came across another pretty good internet start up idea. Starting an adult online toy store, which is kind of weird to me, but the results are o.k so far.

At I was able to start a little online store and make some money. So far I've made about $30 for a half a days work. Check it out to see for yourself.


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