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Weird Items Found in My Apartment

Updated on December 26, 2011
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Jeannie has been writing for HubPages for over 5 years. She covers a wide variety of topics—anything from hamsters to office work.

I'm Not a Hoarder!

I am not a hoarder at all. I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression about me. However, I do collect some strange things. Yes, there are some weird items in my apartment. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I've got the weirdest stuff ever. I don't collect shrunken heads or anything. At least, not yet.

However, I probably do need to get rid of some items. There is a yard sale coming up in my building and I might just participate this year. In past years, I've used excuses like:

  • It might rain.
  • I don't want to set up a table.
  • I don't want to be stationed at a table all day.
  • I have to work that weekend and can't take off.
  • I would rather sleep.

Yes, I have honestly used that excuse - I would rather sleep! I am seriously considering it this year though. I know I have lots of items that need to go. I have closets full of stuff. Stuff not being used or stuff that doesn't fit. Stuff. And lots of it.

My first strategy is to look around and see what I really need. It is best to determine what type of "merchandise" I really have to sell and then make some decisions about what will go.

Weird Stuff

Assortment of Feathery Pens

I have an assortment of pens with feathers sticking out of the top of them. I am not really sure why I have so many, to be honest. I knew I had one or two. Actually, more like at least 4. I am fairly certain I have some at work, as well.

Since pens serve a purpose though, I can't see any reason to get rid of them. So on to the next.

Bobble Poodle Wearing a Poodle Skirt

Well now, that is just classy. Obviously this is a completely practical item to keep. When you touch it, it bounces back and forth. Who doesn't need something like this? I feel like every household is incomplete without a bobble poodle wearing a poodle skirt. So I guess I should move on...

A Giant Stuffed Elephant Named Maxwell

Yet another important item. This elephant is just a keeper. I mean, sure, he takes up space and collects dust. Sure I am allergic to dust and not allowed to keep items like stuffed animals, but I think it is silly to dwell on things like that. We could, of course, consider my age and that I am too old for this. However, those are fighting words, so I guess we can just keep going.

Pig Ears and Pig Tail

Well, this is just perfect for Halloween. This was purchased to be a part of a Swine Flu Halloween costume a couple of years ago. It was a really great idea at the time. I was going to dress up like a sick pig for Halloween. It would have been perfect if people did not actually start catching the Swine Flu in October and dying from it in my area. Suddenly, the humor in the outfit died along with it. Instead, I had to be something more tasteful. I dressed like Satan's daughter instead.

Oh, I guess I should add the devil horn's to this list, too, now that I think about it. Of course, they can be used again. Also, these pig ears would be perfect for a Miss Piggy outfit. Who doesn't love Miss Piggy? These ears and tail are keepers!

Goose Mug

When you think hot tea or hot coffee, you should think goose mug. What better way to drink something than out of a goose mug? I can't think of anything better. Not only is the goose painted on the side, but the 3 dimensional goose handle adds a stylish touch to the mug. I can't imagine any reason for getting rid of something this dignified. On to the next item!


How many people have lightning in their livingroom? I daresay not many! Lightning in a plasma ball is just... well... a ball. You can touch the side of the globe so the lightning will strike your hand. You can make a loud noise or play music, and the lightning will pulse to the beat. Obviously, this is a item that can't leave the apartment. Who can say good-bye to something like that anyway?

I Still Have Stuff

I am probably the only person in the world that could ever love these items anyway. I am still not a hoarder. Really. Honest!

What I will do is sell my useful stuff instead. I am going to clear out items like clothes, shoes, lamps, etc. Why get rid of the weird stuff? That is what makes my apartment so awesome in the first place. I can sell the boring items at the yard sale.

As for me, I will stay interesting with what I have already. As long as I don't add new items, I can still get organized and keep what I love. Isn't that what a home is all about anyway?


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  • Jeannieinabottle profile image

    Jeannie InABottle 5 years ago from Baltimore, MD

    Hahaha... I still have all that stuff. I just love weird stuff. Thanks for the comment!

  • Wolf lover14 profile image

    Wolf lover14 5 years ago from AR

    Id take that stuff lol

  • Jeannieinabottle profile image

    Jeannie InABottle 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

    Yeah, I just can't get rid of most of it. I keep thinking the giant elephant really needs to go though. I am an adult. It is not like I go on elephant adventures or anything like that. Yet, the elephant remains in my apartment.

    I've actually used the "I would rather sleep" excuse for more than just getting out of yard sales. Honestly, I would rather sleep than ever go to work. I wish that excuse worked in that situation!

    Thanks for the vote up!

  • Cogerson profile image

    Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

    I can not believe you want to get rid of some of that stuff....I wish our house had a Booble Poodle with a Poodle Skirt. After this comment I am off to E-Bay to get one of Actually I love your our cul-de-sac all the neighbors do a huge garage sale except for our family....we can not even get out of the drive-way on that Saturday....they do it every 6 months....and the next time they ask if we want to participate I think I will tell them "we would rather sleep"...funny hub as always...voted up

  • Jeannieinabottle profile image

    Jeannie InABottle 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

    I am glad I am not alone. I just love tacky crap. Thanks for the comment!

  • Ddraigcoch profile image

    Emma 6 years ago from UK

    I have to admit I own those freaky furry bird pens and the mugs with the handles as animals. But it is always nice to have a friend as freaky as yourself, ha ha. Great hub hun xx

  • Jeannieinabottle profile image

    Jeannie InABottle 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

    Actually, that is a really great idea. Thanks!

  • Tess45 profile image

    Tess45 6 years ago from South Carolina

    I think you should combine the pig costume and satan's daughter costume into Miss Piggy dressed as a devil...seems more fitting for your personality.

  • Jeannieinabottle profile image

    Jeannie InABottle 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

    Yeah, those pig ears are just going to have to stay. One of these days I need to be Miss Piggy for Halloween. Last year, I just had to be Snooki, so maybe this Halloween.

  • CarissaHolly profile image

    CarissaHolly 6 years ago from Argyle, Texas

    Oh you can't get rid of the pig ears and tail!! That was one of the best Halloween costumes around! lol I have picture proof of it! haha. And I have a few of those birds/pen things. I remember your collections, and I'm sure you remembered mine, it made us unique! lol Hooray for weird collections!

  • Jeannieinabottle profile image

    Jeannie InABottle 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

    Thank you for your support. People like us need to stick together. Honestly, I think everyone has weird stuff at their home. I think a real hoarder can't walk through their house because they have so much stuff. I am not on that level... yet.

  • alzel127 profile image

    Alex Zelahy 6 years ago from Indiana

    If that makes you a hoarder than I am in the same club. Good hub Thanks.

  • Jeannieinabottle profile image

    Jeannie InABottle 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

    Thank you for the comment!

  • T.Campos profile image

    T.Campos 6 years ago


  • Jeannieinabottle profile image

    Jeannie InABottle 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

    Thank you. Yes, perhaps I shared too much in this hub. Maybe no one needed to know how weird it is in my apartment.

  • Jenny Calender profile image

    Jenny Calender 6 years ago

    TOo funny! OK, not showing what I have...(shhh!)

  • Jeannieinabottle profile image

    Jeannie InABottle 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

    Thanks! Having weird items and a weird hub is fun.

  • Thatguypk profile image

    Thatguypk 6 years ago

    Ha! Love it!