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What To Know When Moving Home

Updated on September 7, 2014

Home Move


Statistics show that an estimated 11% of the US population relocated between 2010 and 2012 this is a record low according to the US Census Bureau. And across the UK these same figures seem to apply. According to UK sources listed below the cost of moving house has risen at a faster rate than house prices over the past decade. Reports guesstimate that home removal costs charged by removal companies alone may have gone up by as much as 38% in the past 10 years to 2011.

There are a few steps you can take to avoid getting overcharged by a moving company and to ensure the relocation process goes as planned and without hiccups.

Ask Friends or Family

While friends' and family recommendations will not guarantee a trouble free house move, they will increase your likelihood of getting good service. If they have used the services of the company they are recommending, they will probably have had a positive experience and you might as well.

At the same time you should be careful to contract any moving company referred to you by a real estate agent. Many real estate agencies have a standing deal with movers and get a cut from any jobs they refer. This makes the moving company charge you more to cover the commissions paid out to the real estate agency.

Get Multiple Estimates

It always a good idea to get multiple quotes from several moving companies. Prices range wildly within the industry. There are cases where the difference in pricing can be as high as 150%. Getting a minimum of 3 or more quotes from different companies in your area is a quick way to make sure you're not being overcharged.

Another thing to watch out for are very low estimates. If a moving company gives you a quote that seems ridiculously low compared to others in the same area, you might end up getting a bad surprise on moving day. These types of outfits will usually add all kinds of "extra's" in their contract making the move much more expensive than the original quote estimate.

Make A List Of Your Properties

Creating a list of all your properties is a great way to keep track of your valuable goods. It would also be a good idea to submit this list to both your moving company and insurance provider if you have one so they know you are keeping track. Start by making an inventory of your most valuable items first and work your way down to the less expensive items. Simply start in one room and work your way throughout the house until you have a record of everything that has value.

Take Pictures

Taking digital pictures of your properties is an excellent way you can prove what state your properties were in before the move began. If you have moving insurance a digital photograph could be invaluable if you need to make a claim.

Report Damaged Or Missing Goods Immediately

Hiring the best and most professional moving company you can find is still not a guarantee that things will not go wrong. Accidents can and do happen. In worst case scenarios some of your items may even end up missing. By reporting any missing or damaged items immediately to the moving company you stand a better chance of being compensated for your loss. The same holds true for insurance agencies is you took out moving insurance.

Keep Your Important Documents Safe

Important papers and documents should always go with you. Sending them with the moving company is just asking for trouble. Making duplicates is a smart way to backup your files and paperwork. It's important though that you keep the backups in a separate location from the originals.


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