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What to Do When Think You Might Have Bedbugs?

Updated on January 3, 2013

Think you have bedbugs?

There are a couple of things you should absolutely do when you think you might have bedbugs.

1. Locate the Source of the Problem

By this I mean, narrow down where the bite occurred or where the bedbugs might be located. If you visually saw a bedbug then you already know where to start. If you where at work and during the day your arm started to break out and itch then you have to think back to where you could have gotten bit. Most often this is an easy answer, in your bed. But sometimes it may be sitting at a computer, or sitting in a couch, or sleeping on a couch.

2. Visually Inspect for Bedbugs

You do not have to be an expert to inspect for bedbugs. Although experts have a keen eye for bedbug adults, bedbug nymphs, bedbug eggs, bedbug skins, and blood stains and they know how bedbugs behave and where they like to hide, you can still do a quick inspection to see if you can find any yourself.

Bedbugs like to hide in seems of mattresses and in seams of couches. They really like to hide in box springs where the fabric meets the wood or where the fabric meets the bottom cover. So when inspecting your bed thoroughly inspect the seams of the mattress then thoroughly inspect the box spring, you may even have to remove the bottom covering (if your box spring has one, most do it is usually black and stapled to the box spring). On sofas check the seams on the back of the sofa, bedbugs love this area. On furniture check the inside of dressers near the top they often hand out there as well.

Use a flashlight to look for bedbug activity. Bedbugs leave behind dark spots where they hide, these spots are blood stains. They are usually the easiest indicator to find. Bedbugs also shed their skins as they grow, these exoskeletons are often easier to find that the actual bedbug as well.

3. Call a Professional Immediately

In reality you may just want to skip the second step because you should call a professional whether you find bedbugs or not. Just because you did not find a bedbug does not mean that one is not there. The best way to be sure you are bedbug free is to hire a professional who can assure you that there are no bedbugs or take care of any bedbugs that may be present.

Bedbug treatments and even inspections can be extremely expensive and choosing a pest control operator that can effectively eliminate bedbugs can be a difficult task. The cost of treatment might not be in your budget but you have to do something. And most people that try to get rid of bedbugs by themselves spend hundreds of dollars to still not solve the problem. Calling a pest professional as soon as possible is often the best way. For more information about bedbug treatments visit

Bedbugs are becoming more common. Have you had a bedbug problem yet?

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