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Why Choose a Granite Countertop

Updated on October 2, 2010

When you are remodeling your home, you must always focus on function and style. No matter how nice something looks, if it is impractical to use, it is a waste of your time and money. The one room in your house that offers the most varied ideas for remodeling, or the most places to spend money, is your kitchen. With new appliances coming out every day, and new and better materials for constructing kitchen surfaces, you can easily get lost in all of the options. One area that you should focus on function more than price is your countertops. Spending the money on installing a granite countertop is a decision that you will be happy with no matter how long you own your home.

A granite countertop can not only outlast your home, it will also increase its value.

Granite is formed under extreme pressure over millions of years. Even if it is only a few inches thick, it can support thousands of pounds of weight without breaking. Simply put, there is nothing that you can do accidentally to it that will hurt it. One of my favorite things about granite countertops is the fact that they can withstand extreme temperatures. You can pull pots right out of the oven and place them on your countertop without worrying about damaging the surface. You can take a skillet right off of a burner and place it on the countertop. You can chop and cut anything that you want on the surface and can disinfect it with a simple Clorox wipe.

The other benefit of granite countertops is their distinctive look. Granite has a beautiful marbled finish that comes in many different color patterns. Unlike composite countertops that repeat a common image, true granite is completely unique and no two pieces will ever look alike. Granite can provide a very beautiful contrast to many different light or dark wood finishes.

Granite should only be installed by a professional. Because of the extreme weight of granite, your counters must be designed for a granite top from the beginning. You should never remove a traditional countertop and replace with granite without reinforcing the structure or replacing it completely. Understand that granite is roughly four to eight times heavier than any other countertop surface available. The professional installers also have the equipment to move the granite pieces without hurting themselves and the right adhesives and caulks to make sure that the seams around your sink and other areas do not leak.

When picking out your new countertops, make sure that you compare all of your color and style options with your interior design for your kitchen. Because of the cost of the granite and the cost of installation, you don’t want to change your mind after the fact. Also, investigate local installers and make sure that they have a long history of successfully installing granite.


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