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Why Is Sump Pump Needed?

Updated on August 14, 2020


A sump pump is a household facility used for reducing risks of water flooding in the basement. It is most often located in a special pit which has been dug in the lowest area of the floor surface. Its benefit is that it minimizes the water damage after many unexpected natural and technological accidents.

To be on the safe side, a homeowner should realize the importance of this facility. The experts always recommend sump pump installation to make it the most appropriate barrier on the way of water penetration inside.

Many households have already suffered from the lack of a sump pump in the house. The excess water can easily ruin the foundation of the house and destroy the entire structure of it. The homeowner will have to spend a fortune on the home restoration instead of enjoying dryness and comfort, even under the most drastic conditions. The only correct decision that could save the peace of mind for many people is to install a sump pump.

Here, there are some most essential reasons for having a sump pump in the house.

1. To ensure that the basement or crawlspace is dry

Sump pumps are commonly installed to guarantee that the basement or crawlspace will remain dry in any case. If the water enters the basement in big amounts, its level inside the sump pit will indicate the problem immediately. It will rise to demonstrate that there is an issue and some measures should be taken. Another good thing about it is that the pump will start redirecting the excess water outside. The slope around the house’s foundation helps put an obstacle to the water and prevent its flowing into the basement again. Instead, the moisture will be driven away from it.

2. To make the homeowner know when the level of water is too high

However, a sump pump is not a magic bullet at all. It cannot control the excess water when its level is rather high or when it is coming in too rapidly. In such cases, the main function of this appliance is to alert a homeowner of the dramatic flooding in the basement or crawlspace. Sump pumps nowadays are so well-equipped technologically that they can connect with a homeowner by phone to give warning about the disaster. It is especially useful when the owner is not at home and the accident broke out all of a sudden. After receiving such an alert the homeowner can call the emergency services and then, hire qualified plumbers to prevent further damage in the lower layers of the house.

3. To make the building stable

Sump pumps are often used for strengthening of the stability of the ground. It is especially important for the owners of commercial properties. The stabilized foundation ensures the entire building durability and raises its value. That is why sump pumps are essential for commercial buildings that are located in the areas where the soil is difficult, porous, wet, and not as stable as it is desired.

4. To prevent the growth of mildew and mold

The worst thing that can happen to any house is appearance of mildew and mold. Of course, it is not the best design for the building. Moreover, it can cause allergies and other severe health disorders. Sump pumps do not allow the crawlspace to be wet or waterlogged, so mold and mildew do not have any chance to grow there. That is very beneficial for all homes.

5. To boost the value of your home

It goes without saying that a dry basement provides the strength and durability to the entire house. On the contrary, the basement flooded with moisture makes the whole structure weak and reduces its lifespan. That is why homebuyers always pay much attention to the condition of the basement. Of course, they will choose the house which is dry. That means they will be ready to pay its real value instead of bargaining and asking for discounts. A dry house attracts more respectful buyers because the value of it increases.

Therefore, you can see how many benefits such an important device provides. Consider sump pump installation, and you will always enjoy them all.


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