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Angry Birds Comforters and Bedroom Ideas

Updated on October 24, 2014
Image credit: Angry Bird Bed-in-a-Bag Comforter set shown here is available below.
Image credit: Angry Bird Bed-in-a-Bag Comforter set shown here is available below.

Decorating Angry Bird Style: Bedding Sets for a Themed Boys Bedroom

Decorating with such a strong theme as Angry Birds makes for easier work at designing a bedroom your favorite boy or girl will appreciate. The strong visual of the Angry Bird theme will be quite the 'exclamation point' that's perfect for an exciting focal statement kids' love.

But where to go after the bedding? There's where things can go awry--fast. With a few key tips and tricks you can be well on your way from "blah" to Angry Birds BAM!. And I'll show you how.

Scroll down for a look at fun-tab-u-lous Angry Bird Bedding Sets and decorating ideas for that zany bedroom your boy or girl longs for.

Getting Started with Bedding - Angry Birds Bed-in-a-Bag Sets

Getting Started with Your Angry Birds Theme: The All-Important Focal Point

Angry Birds is a perfect theme for your girl or boy's bedding. The 'in-your-face' vibe known to these unhappy characters makes for a perfect focal point in your boy's bedroom.

Your bed is most likely your room's largest piece, so it by default is the bedroom's showstopper when properly dressed.

Going Big & Bold in Your Angry Birds Bedroom

Go as bold and impressive as feasible for your budget and taste. The bed will set the room's mission with the Angry Bird's theme, as it heralds in your kid's friends and guests.

Go for broke, yes but not in budget ~ in style. Any of these Angry Birds comforter sets have the contrast and visual appeal necessary to serve as the room's main attraction.

Once dressed, your boy's bedroom decor is well on its way to a successful result.

Angry Birds Space Bedding: Star Wars Theme

Melding Two Themes: Angry Birds Space Bedding & Star Wars Decor

If your child has several interests it makes sense to be a bit eclectic when decorating their bedroom--especially if they're in a 'between' stage of half little boy and tween. Angry Birds space bedding like this Star Wars comforter set will serve your kid better in the long run.

You'll fare better to use a bit of two genres like the melding of Star Wars and Angry Birds where you can easily go all out Star Wars or Space theme when you boy is older. This way you won''t be tossing everything in the room and starting completely over. Dress the bed in this Star Wars design and hang glow-in-the-dark wall art like posters and stars. The sky is not your limit, here!

Lighting Up Your Space - Angry Birds Light Shade Lamp

Angry Birds Space Lamp Shade: To Buy or Create?

There's a lot of interest in Angry Birds outer space shade lamps but unfortunately, I was at a loss for much in the way of themed lighting.

This Angry Birds hanging lamp shade has bright, cool graphics. I did find a drum shade version but it wasn't available long and sold out quickly.

I would just buy a drum shade and cheap hanging lamp kit for less than $30 for both and cut pieces from the wall stickers below for a custom Angry Birds shade your boy or girl will be proud of--especially if you allow him to help. It's very simple: cut and stick, then hang. Easy~Peasy!.

Fun Angry Bird Pillows Add to Your Theme

Using Angry Bird Themed Accessories Sparingly

Angry Birds accessories are fun; their grumpy faces are just . . . well . . . funny. It's easy to get carried away, though and before long if you're not careful, the cute critters become clutter bugs that compete for floor space alongside the dirty socks. good for decorative purposes.

I recommend using one pillow on the bed and tossing another on a nearby chair in an opposing corner so as not to compete with one another. Give each Angry Bird accessory its well-deserved space and they'll earn their keep.

Angry Birds Wall Decals: Create an Easy-Peasy Wall Art

Creating Dramatic Art with Angry Birds Wall Decals

I'm a big fan of wall decals (also known as wall stickers). They're easy to apply, washable, removable, reusable and easy on the buget.

My faves are the large to giant sized Angry Birds decals for their highly-charged visual interest.

You're not limited to one design; you can snip pieces off as your design plan dictates, so have at it with the scissors.

Keep Your Angry Birds Wall Art Commensurate with Your Wall Space

Here's a few of the smaller decals in the Angry Birds theme. Be careful and apply them to spatially similar wall space. Keep smaller decals on smaller walls and vice versa. I can't tell you how often I've seen a disappointing piece of wall art where it's lost in an expanse of wall. Try not to dilute your artwork by misappropriating it.

Wall decals make it easy to peel and apply elsewhere if it's not a good fit. Go for it; the decals will forgive you if you make a mistake.

Angry Birds Sheet Sets: More Than a Convenience

The Convenience of Angry Bird Bedding Extras

Having had three kids--all boys, extra sheets just make sense come wash day or that unexpected accident. These days, I see that themed sheets can be just as cheap as plain utility-looking sheet sets, so there's no reason to settle on white.

This Angry Birds sheet set is really cute and will add to bedding set as well as your bedroom's decor. Themed sheets allow for you to make the bed up and pull the upper corner down for an inviting look.

Did you know that bedding that's not pulled tightly at the top is healthier than the closed-top bedding makeup? I read looser bedding doesn't harbor those ugly mites as well. So, you may want to rethink your bed-making ritual. I sure did.

Your Decorating Budget: Saving on Your Angry Bird Decor

Oh, boy is it easy to go way overboard on your decorating budget--especially when you happen upon a too-cute-gotta-have-it-now Angry Birds space theme doodad thingy.

I've done just that too many times. Keeping within your budget helps you enjoy the fruits of your labor. I often accept the challenge nowadays, keeping my spending in check. I think I've said, "Guess how much I paid for this . . .." one too many times.

Going Budget-Friendly with Angry Birds Space Blankets

Angry Bird space theme blankets proffer the same highly-visual bedding without paying too much.
Angry Bird space theme blankets proffer the same highly-visual bedding without paying too much.

Budget-Friendly Angry Birds Space Blanket Bedding

Angry Birds Blankets: All the Contrast Without the Price

Themed blankets can help keep your bedding allowance in check while offering all the contrast and visual stimulation you're after.

I was happy to find these Angry Birds blankets that are sizable enough to make a nice bed for very little investment. Adding a nice sheet set will complement the look quite nicely.

Themed Angry Bird Window Panels--or Not?

Angry Bird Window Treatment Drapes Panel Curtains
Angry Bird Window Treatment Drapes Panel Curtains

Appointing Your Windows in Themed Spaces

Angry Birds Curtain Panels

While thee Angry Bird panels have the bold print you've been looking for, consider the size of your boy's bedroom. You don't want 'angry birds' encroaching on every nook and cranny of your space.

You'd have the unpleasant look of a crowded bird cage. It can be quite frightening, indeed!

For smaller bedrooms, go with panels in a solid color that's pulled from your bedding. You could even cut an Angry Bird from a wall decal and apply it to the solid panel so your window isn't full of birds:

Here a bird, there a bird, everywhere a bird . . . Angry. Bird.

See? That's too much of a good thing--even on paper.

If you've a large room, go for the themed windows or if your smaller bedroom has a window on an opposing wall you can go for the birds with great results.

Less can be more.

Angry Birds Wall Art for Less

Posters are a great way to incorporate your Angry Bird theme. With standard-size, 36" x 24" posters like this Angry Bird piece, you'll have sizable wall art pieces for a fraction of canvas art.

Too, poster frames are a good investment; they create a finished look and keep the poster from tearing and curling in ways you never thought possible (I'm remembering my own boys' poster art and it wasn't pretty).

I suggest getting the frames from a big box craft store where often they have generous weekly coupons or sales and you realize great savings. Keeping to the standard size poster frame, you can simply pop out the old and in with the new come time for a bedroom redo.

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