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Stuff You Wanted to Ask About Artificial Topiary

Updated on March 23, 2010
Fake Plant
Fake Plant

Taking care of the garden may be fun when the weather is nice, but do you know how all the plants are taken care of for the winter, or during cold days? For those who want to have a topiary in their backyards but don't want to take a serious commitment an artificial topiary may be the best solution.

Now you may think that artificial plants and trees look terrible and don't resemble a living creature at all. You might have missed the latest developments on the market. You will be surprised if you take a look at today's artificial topiary trees.

Modern solutions applied to the old design of artificial plants makes sure you get a nice looking "plant" in your garden or room when you opt for one of these instead of the real tree.

There are several definite benefits to choosing artificial topiary over real plants. Most people will think they're real from a few feet away, but artificial flowers and trees are giving a head scratch even from a few inches. Days of the shiny light green leaves and silky looking flowers are over.

An artificial flower will never die. You don't have to water it, while forgetting to do so with a real plant will definitely kill it, the fake flower will not care the least. Consequently, if you're going for a holiday and there is nobody to take care of the house meanwhile, you're not coming back to see a bunch of dead plants.

While not all materials are good for outdoor plants, there are some artificial topiaries that will be just fine next to the front door or along the pavement leading to the house. These solutions are UV resistant, which ensures a long life-span, so to speak.

Artificial Topiary
Artificial Topiary

Indoor plants don't care the least if you put them in the sunny corner or not, if you dust them every once in a while they'll stay in good maintenance for a long time. By choosing flame retardant material you're making sure there will be no problem if you put one of these pots next to an electrical plug. There is no need for watering, and the flame-retardant attribute lowers the risk of an electric fire.

Artificial topiaries come in the grown size, there is no need to wait until it grows to size and it also will not overgrow. By choosing fake plants you will have an instant result. If you or someone in your family is allergic to pollen then definitely consider using these flowers and plants in your house, this way you don't have to worry about the symptoms getting worse.

An artificial topiary is a fast and safe way of expanding and decorating a room or the backyard. Well chosen pieces are also relatively cheap if you factor the price of water, electric bill the pumps would have made and the unexpected effects of the weather won't ruin your composition. Take a look around online and you will find that buying an artificial topiary ball or spiral is not as hard as you thought.

Photos used are taken by veggiefrog and dailyinvention respectively.


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