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Bamboo Floating Floor -Gorgeous Hardwood Floors Anywhere

Updated on September 24, 2010

Bamboo Floating Floor

A Bamboo floating floor is a common flooring choice when the foundation is rough and not able to have a hard wood floor installed.

Despite the name of bamboo floating flooring the bamboo will not sink down.

It actually is a very nice type of flooring. The bamboo floating floor will sit above the foundation floor. However if the foundation Is not level you will have trouble will the bamboo floating floor warping. 

Read more below to learn about bamboo floating floors and decide if a bamboo floating floor is what you wanting for your home!

Things To Consider About Floating Bamboo Floors

One thing about bamboo floating floor is that it is a bit noisier them other types of floors that sit on top of the foundation. Because there is room between the foundation and where the floor sits it can make more noise.

A recommendation to help prevent the floor being too noisy is to put some sort of soft cushioning on top of the foundation but under the bamboo floating floor so it doesn't have as much room to make noise.

The most common kinds of bamboo floating floor is a click and lock type flooring, or another is the flooring types that have the grooves so it fits together. Bamboo floating floor is a very nice floor choice, they are not too hard to install, they are not extremely expensive, and they allow practically any foundation to have a nice hardwood floor.

So places that it would have been impossible to have a hardwood floor are now able to have a beautiful bamboo floor!

A Bamboo Floating Floor Can Expand

On a final note about bamboo floating floors, a bamboo floating floor can and most likely will expand due to moisture in the air. Make sure that when you bamboo floating floor is installed that room is left for it to expand.

However one way to make sure that the bamboo floating floor doesn't expand too much is to have the bamboo floor boards used the the moisture in the air already, so by keeping the floor boards in the location they will be installed for a day or two before installing them you will not have as many problems with expanding floor boards.

Bamboo floating floor can be an excellent flooring choice for many situations, it's a beautiful floor, and can be put almost anywhere.

Learn about Bamboo Flooring

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    • profile image

      floating floor 6 years ago

      I like the floor.

    • profile image

      floating floor  6 years ago

      The bamboo floor is great.

    • stephanie mclain profile image

      Stephanie 7 years ago from Texas

      I have never heard of the floating bamboo flooring. Thanks for sharing this info.