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Livin Lodge Basement Remodel: Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Updated on October 4, 2010

Basement Remodeling

 A key room to consider in a basement remodel is of course a bathroom.  Depending on how much time is going to be spent in the basement will determine the size you want to go with.  If you are going to have bedrooms in your basement then you will definitely want a bathroom that includes a shower or a tub.  Otherwise, for convenience, you may want to just include a half bath.

This is my second part in a series on lodge living decor basement remodeling.  I will give tips on making use of space when framing in your bathroom and also tips on decorating to give a lodge like atmosphere.

As I mentioned in my first part, on family rooms, using radiant floor heat in a basement is a huge plus on cutting out the draft.  Bathrooms especially can benefit from this type of heating as you will normally go with a tile or vinyl flooring which is going to be colder on the feet without some help.  If you can't go with water radiant heat at the time you build, you can always install electric radiant heat under tile or sub floor.

Frame creatively for decorative alcoves.
Frame creatively for decorative alcoves.
Shower curtain to add color.
Shower curtain to add color.
Built in shelving.
Built in shelving.
Hickory cabinets for rustic decor.
Hickory cabinets for rustic decor.

Bathroom Remodel

When you are framing in your bathroom, you will want to make use of every bit of space you can to get the biggest bang. In basements, quite often you have to deal with some strange shaped walls because of half cement or various pipes and duct work. Instead of just framing completely over everything to get a flat wall, think about making some little nooks and crannies for decorative purposes.

In the top picture, you can see there is a boxed out wall which provides a little alcove for decorative purposes. This is the result of a half cement wall. We could have framed the wall straight up from the floor to the ceiling, closing in the space. But instead, we decided to make a shelf area. It adds just a little interest without a lot of work.

Going down to the third picture, you can see a shelf going across the toilet between the two walls. This wasn't just a random act. There was piping going across the walls there that of course would be unsightly left out in the open. We also didn't want to give up so much floor space by framing an entire wall over the pipes. Therefore, we built a shelf to cover the pipes which also made for some more decorative use.

If you don't want to add color to a room with paint, you can always purchase a colorful and rustic shower curtain to warm up the room.  Adding rustic accessories also warms up the bathroom and ties the room with the rest of the basement.

The type of cabinets you pick out is important for the style you are going for.  A rustic bathroom should have a cabinet that is more natural and lends itself to warmth and comfort.  We chose a hickory cabinet that gives off plenty of rustic warmth with its natural coloration and grain.  The antiqued twig draw pulls just add to the lodge appeal.

Rustic Vanities and Rustic Lighting

The Northwoods Pine Log Vanity would be great for a larger rustic bathroom. It is the perfect wood for rustic decor and would give you that cabin or lodge feeling.

The Darren vanity is rustic and classy at the same time.  It would be great for a smaller bathroom or powder room.  I love the rich tones and warmth this gives off.

You can have a lot of fun with lighting when decorating in a rustic theme.  Both of the lighting fixtures shown offer rustic charm and would be a great addition to a basement bathroom.


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    • MsFran profile image

      MsFran 7 years ago from Here and There, Everywhere

      Awesome tips. These are all useful in my bathroom interior plan.