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Dual Purpose Laundry Room/Mudroom Design

Updated on November 19, 2013

 If you are designing a new home or are undergoing a remodeling project and can fit in a laundry room, I highly recommend it.  Having more than just a closet area to do laundry is a huge help especially for a large family.  It's imperative to have the space for hampers, folding counters, ironing board and baskets to efficiently get the job done.

Allowing even more space for a mudroom purpose is also beneficial.  Combining the two spaces makes sense since they both require a tile or vinyl floor, a large sink and counter space. 

A good location for a dual purpose laundry/mudroom is on the main floor close to your back door entrance.  The mudroom should be here for obvious reasons but having the laundry room located here is convenient too.  It's a great reminder, as you are coming and going, as to what laundry needs to be done!

laundry room
laundry room

Laundry Room Design

 A good laundry room design should have some cupboard space.  You will need storage for detergents, cleaning supplies, rags, spare light bulbs and maybe household tools depending on how much space you have.

Large utility sinks come in handy for hand washing clothes or cleaning out paint brushes.  I am amazed at how many times I need that sink!  Not to mention cleaning dirty boots and pet dishes.  A sink is a must have item in a laundry room and mudroom.

I like to keep out cat's feeding dishes in here as well.  It is convenient and out of the way.  There is room for food storage in the cabinet under the sink.

folding counter, hamper, cat box and ironing board cabinet
folding counter, hamper, cat box and ironing board cabinet
ironing board cabinet
ironing board cabinet

Space To Work

A folding counter right next to the dryer makes folding and stacking a breeze. There is plenty of space to put a full load of clothes or more. I like having a window right there to let the sunlight in and would recommend that if you have the space. It's nice to be able to look outside while folding clothes and it's nice to let fresh air in when the weather is nice.

I left the area underneath the counter open to store a multi-section hamper, a drying rack and a litter box cabinet for our cat. This would be a good spot to put some more cabinets if you didn't need the open space.

The ironing board cabinet is a great space saver and super convenient. When I want to iron...when I have to iron, I just open the door and flip down the board! There is space inside to store the iron and spray starch too.

For more decorating ideas, check out my blog at Rustic Crafts & Chic Décor.

Buy an easy to install ironing board cabinet for your laundry room or other small nook where you can pull down the board when you need to do some ironing. It takes up very little space and is so handy. You can usually either paint or stain them to your liking. Add a cabinet knob to dress it up a little bit and you are all set!

coat hooks and clock
coat hooks and clock
boot box with more coat hooks
boot box with more coat hooks
storage cabinet with drawers, bulletin board
storage cabinet with drawers, bulletin board

Mudroom Design

The other half of this laundry room is the designated mudroom area. There are plenty of coat hooks on the wall and attached to the boot box cabinet. There is also a coat closet in the entrance to the room with additional shoe rack storage. Our son uses the boot box for all of his shoes, since he is more of a thrower, while my husband and I use the coat closet shoe rack.

Rugs on the floor or boot trays are a good idea for wet and dirty shoes or boots, especially during the winter time.  Another good reason for having the laundry room and mudroom combined is for Winter time wet clothes.  It's very handy having kids come right into the mudroom and hang there wet snowpants and mittens on a drying rack or throw them in the dryer.

To store all of those mittens and gloves you will need cabinet space or baskets.  Cabinet space on this side of the room is used for hats and gloves. The large drawers give ample room for plenty of pairs. Another option would be to have a large shelf with bins or baskets.  You could even have a basket for each family member.

The bulletin board holds all of our pertinent notes about upcoming events or school information. This is also where we keep restaurants coupons for a quick glance as we are heading out the door.

Mudroom Organization

Here are some options that you could purchase for some mudroom organization.

The mission style shelf with hooks is a nice and sturdy wall unit.  It is good for a space that is somewhat limited, although you could still fit some small baskets on top of the shelf for further organization. Just hang the shelf low enough for easy access.  This shelf also has a variety of stain choices to fit your décor needs.

If you have a little more room, the hooks with cubbies is convenient for storage and is ready made for a square basket or bin for neater storage. Leaving them open for a few stacked items is good for easy visibility as well.  This is a great option for families with older kids who can easily access a raised shelf.

The best way to go for families with small children is the third option.  Instead of storing baskets overhead, the easy to access bench storage unit works like a charm. This would be a great place to store shoes. The bench also allows a place to sit while putting on the shoes.

Laundry Room Décor

Here are some great options for laundry room décor. Anything to make a laundry room more cheery is a good idea in my opinion.

Fun prints, valances and rugs all take the doldrums out of such a mundane activity. I like to put cheery prints and fun sayings in my laundry room to help brighten the mood. This wash day print is just cute, making wash day almost seem like fun.

Rugs are a necessity to keep feet warm while doing laundry and to wipe off shoes in a mudroom.  If they also have a fun print or saying on them, then they contribute to the overall cheerfulness of the room. 

The laundry sorter isn't really considered décor although it does make dirty laundry look neat and tidy while it is waiting to be cleaned. This nice looking sorter can be wheeled out of the way when not in use.  The three compartments allow family members to toss their laundry into the appropriate bag, shortening the time needed for sorting.


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    • Song-Bird profile image

      Renee Hanlon 5 years ago from Michigan

      Stacey, We have 1x2 wood attached to the wall just below the counter which it rests on, then on the left side next to the dryer we have a larger bracket type piece of wood that attaches to the wall and the bottom of the counter. It runs the length of the counter to the floor and the width of about half the counter width with a decorative curved notch. It is about 3/4 inch thick.

    • profile image

      stacey 5 years ago

      how did you attach the countop (folding counter) to the wall? I'm thinking about doing the same thing.

    • Song-Bird profile image

      Renee Hanlon 6 years ago from Michigan

      @AspiringNewMoms - You're welcome! It really does help with the task of laundry when you enjoy the look and feel of the room :)

    • AspiringNewMoms profile image

      AspiringNewMoms 6 years ago

      This is a great hub. I really should spruce up the look of my laundry room. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • profile image

      sanjeev 6 years ago

      Really good one.Amazing photos also.Its really informative.

    • Song-Bird profile image

      Renee Hanlon 6 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks vocalcoach! I'm glad you found the hub to be useful.

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 6 years ago from Nashville Tn.

      Oh how I love this hub! Great and fun as well as useful ideas. Going to incorporate several of them. Very glad I found this and will pass it on to others. So...thanks a bunch. Will be reading more by you! :)

    • amybradley77 profile image

      amybradley77 7 years ago

      This is very well done, good writing and great info. I'm hoping my parents will do something very similar in there home here soon. Then one day I will do the same too. Thank you again, good to know these things. A.B.

    • Song-Bird profile image

      Renee Hanlon 7 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks for commenting Cheri! I have found the ironing board storage to be so handy. I still don't like ironing though!

    • Cheri Schultz profile image

      Cheri Schultz 8 years ago from Midwest

      Great Article - I love the Ironing board idea. I need to read more of your hubs right now... Thank you for this article - Cheri

    • Song-Bird profile image

      Renee Hanlon 8 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks relica! I like the rod idea. I thought about hanging one between my cabinet and the wall, over the folding table but then it would be in front of the window... I may do it anyway though for the short amount of time I would have clothes hanging there.

    • relica profile image

      relica 8 years ago from California

      I high five you on the laundry room choice. In my last move I managed to work a laundry room/mud room into the plan, and I cannot imagine being without it. Mine looks very similar to yours, except I have a rod spanning from wall to wall over my washer and dryer to hang clothes as they come out of the dryer. It is one of my most productive rooms in the house!

    • Helen Cater profile image

      Helen Cater 8 years ago from UK

      I would have loved a laundry room, but opted for hidden appliances in a bigger kitchen. They make a lot of noise, and if I could choose again, I would go for your suggestions.

    • Ambition398 profile image

      Ambition398 8 years ago

      Great tips! It's something to keep in mind when building a house. Good job!