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Angry Birds Bedroom

Updated on November 19, 2014

All You Need for a Great Angry Birds Bedroom

Do you have Angry Birds fans in the house? If so, you may want to think about staging an Angry Birds bedroom. A bedroom filled with their favorite characters from the incredibly popular game, where players catapult ... you got it ... colorful, angry birds at little pigs. Fun, isn't it?

Kids -- and sometimes even jealous parents -- will love decorating and livening up their bedrooms with Angry Birds comforters, pillows and plushies, wall decals and other Angry Birds merchandise. Here, we'll show you everything you need to create a great Angry Birds bedroom scene, from painting tips to where to buy the best Angry Birds bedding.

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Angry Birds Twin Comforter Set WITH Twin Sheet Set

Everything You Need to Decorate an Angry Birds Bedroom

Ideas for an Angry Birds Bedroom

From comforters to pillow to wall decals, switch covers and Angry Birds rugs.... if you're starting from scratch, you probably want to paint the room first. If you use pastel and neutral shades as a base, you can add anything you like on top of it and can change it up whenever you want--always a good idea with kids' rooms, since they grow so fast. So think ahead and leave room for their room to evolve with them.

Pick out a neutral-colored carpet or flooring to match the base paint, and you are ready to go...

  • Bedding -- Using themed bedding is a great way to change up a bedroom without going to any trouble, especially given the bed is often the largest piece of furniture in the room. A set of Angry Birds beddin will draw the eye whenever people visit.

  • Wall decor -- You don't have to go overboard to create a good effect. Some simple, well-placed peel-and-stick wall decals can be really effective and really pop. I think my favorite decal is the game scebe illustrated below. Place it just right and it will look as if it is playing off a corner or a cupboard.

  • Decor accents -- There are lots of ideas you can use for accents, from throw rugs and blankets to pillows and simple touches like lamps and clocks.

  • You can create fun pillow covers and throws of your own with some Angry Birds fabric.

  • Angry Birds curtains aren't easy to source, so making your own might be the answer. Or even easier: use some iron-on fabric patch stickers on your existing curtains to save some money.

  • Create Angry Birds stencils and have fun painting with your kids ... if you're brave. But you don't have to paint the characters on the walls or big pieces of furniture. You can always use small stencils -- or sketch then paint or color free-hand -- on toy boxes, shoe boxes, storage bins, book covers and more.

Angry Birds Wall Decor

Angry Birds Character Flag - Red Bird - Collectible Wall Decor Hanging Flag

This Red Bird decorative wall flag is a great place to start with wall decor. It will show up really well on a neutral background and has the added attraction of being a genuine collector's item--something you can store away in a memory box when your child is older and has moved onto pop idols instead of cartoon characters.

Angry Birds Printed Character Flag Red Bird
Angry Birds Printed Character Flag Red Bird

This flag measures 28 inches wide x 42 inches long.


Decals and Stickers For Your Angry Birds Bedroom

Wall decals are great because they just stick and peel without leaving a goopy mess behind or damaging the paint or wallpaper, so you can move them around as you like. There are certainly plenty to choose from....

Angry Birds Bedding Sets

For The Bed - A must for an Angry Bird bedroom

4pc Angry Birds Bedding Set - Video Game Application Bed-in-Bag Twin Bed
4pc Angry Birds Bedding Set - Video Game Application Bed-in-Bag Twin Bed

This complete set of Angry Birds bedding comes with a twin bed-size comforter, one fitted sheet and one flat sheet plus one pillowcase, so your little one will be surrounded by his or her favorite characters.This set is completely machine washable.

Angry Birds Full Sheet Set-OPEN BOX_ NEVER BEEN USEDs
Angry Birds Full Sheet Set-OPEN BOX_ NEVER BEEN USEDs

It's always good to have backup sheet sets, so you can have one on the bed and another in the wash. See the Amazon listings for size options and any current sale prices.

Angry Birds Full Comforter Set
Angry Birds Full Comforter Set

This set is completely machine washable.


Angry Birds Throw Blankets

Angry Birds Throw - For lounging around in warm comfort

Rovio Angry Birds Slingshot Silk Touch Throw
Rovio Angry Birds Slingshot Silk Touch Throw

This extra soft throw blanket measures 50 inches by 60 inches and is 100% silky-feel polyester. Machine wash.


More Plush Angry Birds Throw Blankets for Sale

Angry Birds Throw Pillows

Best Fun Angry Birds Pillows - Toss them around or pile them up for a fun collection

DIY Angry Birds Curtains

The how-to and the iron-on stickers

How to Make Your Own Curtains - Click on the video you want to watch

© 2012 Nathalie Roy

Are You All Set to Decorate with Angry Birds?

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