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Best Eco Friendly Light Bulbs

Updated on October 21, 2014

Save Money by Buying Eco Friendly Light Bulbs

When looking for bulbs to meet your lighting needs, it is a wise choice to look at eco friendly light bulbs. They can not only help save the environment but save you a pretty penny. However, not all eco friendly light bulbs are created equal. A good place to start when looking at different types of bulbs is to know how bright of lighting you need. Alternative bulbs use less wattage than traditional incandescent bulbs and can confuse the buyer looking to replace a certain wattage. Lumen is the unit for the amount of area a light source illuminates. An average 40 watt bulb produces between 300-900 lumen. LED and halogen bulbs often list both wattage and lumen as well as what the bulb could replace. When looking to replace a specific bulb, compare the lumen output instead of wattage.

Shape is going to be an important factor when looking to replace bulbs. Many eco friendly light bulbs will fit into comparable incandescent light bulb fixtures but it is important to note that enclosed fixtures may not accept the odd sizes of alternative bulbs. In the case of enclosed fixtures, it is recommended to bring measures of the width and length of available space. Keep in mind where you are placing these bulbs as not all are made for dimming, outdoor use, or have the right kind of warm or cool light you need. Warm light is generally used for indoor use and cool light for outdoor, but this is to your preference. Read packaging to spot your specifications.

LE Super Bright 12w A60 LED Bulb Samsung

This LED bulb at 12 watts is equal to the 75 watts of incandescent bulbs and is used indoors only. It is ROHS compliant and is of high quality. It can replace even the 90 watt incandescent and can help save up to 85 percent on your next electricity bill. There is no Mercury, no lead, no UV or IR radiation. It replaces re-lamp frequency and its lifespan is over 3000 hours which is one of the longest running light bulbs on the market. It saves on maintenance costs on changing out the bulbs and it saves you on effort of having to change them out. It is shock and vibration resistant and has a luminous flux of 1080. It doesn't have harsh coloring and delivers a warm white comfort to the eye. This is among the top eco friendly light bulbs that work well in any home and creates the best lighting experience with its high end LED advanced optical design.

Bulbrite A19 Eco 6Pk 43A 19SW Eco-Friendly Halogen Soft White

These fully dimmable light bulbs that tend to be eco friendly light bulbs are available in clear and soft white to get well in your home and deliver energy saving light. They operate on 43 watts and 120 volts of power and they are equivalent to a 60 watt incandescent light bulb. The Bulbrite is in compliant to the EISA regulation and are brighter than most Halogen lights. Eco friendly bulbs are typically dimmer than the average household bulb, but these deliver plenty of light without being dull.

EarthLED Zetalux Pro 2

With a brand name like that, the Zetalux Pro 2 bulb is a 7 watt bulb that can replace the downlight incandescent 60 watts. It is also a UL listed bulb that gained a respectable 4.4 rating from reviewers on

It also more closely resembles a traditional bulb than the Philips that will last 25,000 hours. Being shatterproof and ideal for lamps as they do not heat up as much as incandescent bulbs will.

GE 61927 LED

If you are looking for outdoor flood lights, GE has one to offer you. These eco friendly light bulbs are called 61927 LED bulbs. Using 20 watts to produce 1050 lumen, this bulb is made to save you money in your yard flood lamps.

It is a precision beam of light instead of a blanketing broad beam of light. While it is not a dimmable bulb, it is an all weather bulb that will 22.8 years if used about 3 hours a day. This will add up to a $151 savings over the life of the bulb.

Feit BR40 LED

This dimmable LED flood light bulb only uses 17 watts to achieve 1065 lumen. Ideal for recessed and track lighting will last 25,000 hours. While not listed for all weather use, it is able to withstand damp environments and resists damage from shock and vibration.

With a light range of 120 degrees it will light up your environment with ease. Replace all those 100 watt bulbs with these bulbs and you can save $228 dollars in energy costs.

Gemini Innovation Corp Viridi

The Viridi bulb is an indoor motion activated bulb that needs no special wiring. All you do is screw in the bulb and move to turn on the lights. While movement is detected the light will stay on, and will automatically shut off 3 minutes after you leave the room.

Using 8.1 watts it is comparable to a 60 watt bulb but will last for 30,000 hours. This bulb is also Energy Star qualified and has a photocell that prevents activation when enough daylight is detected.

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    • egdcltd lm profile image

      egdcltd lm 3 years ago

      @sha-ron: LED is better really than the compact fluorescent bulbs. It's certainly safer to dispose of.

    • sha-ron profile image

      sha-ron 3 years ago

      We all have to look after our power usage these days. We have just converted all of ours to LED lights