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Black Console Table with Drawers

Updated on November 14, 2013

Simple to Elegant Storage Solutions: Black Console Tables with Drawers

Decorating your living space with these form-meets-function black console tables, you'll realize more storage with their drawers while adding timeless decor to your favorite room.

Black furniture is extremely versatile - much like white is - and makes a great companion piece to your sofa. Too, with black finishes, you'll have the freedom to chose a simple to elegant ambiance you can appreciate. Now, choosing the table's drawer shapes, style and size is a matter that you'll be most attentive to. Here's where I can help with your decision. Along with my advice and decorating basics, we'll have you choosing what's best for your favorite living space in no time.

Scroll down to peruse some really exciting black console tables with drawers you're gonna love - I promise.

Image credit: The black console table with drawers and shelf shown here is available below.

Traditional/Colonial Style Black Coffee/Sofa Table with One Drawer & Bottom Shelf

Traditional/Colonial Style Black Coffee/Sofa Table w/2 Drawers & Shelf: Distressed

Convenience Concepts French Country Hall Table with Drawer and Shelf, Natural
Convenience Concepts French Country Hall Table with Drawer and Shelf, Natural

Tables are a fun addition to your living space, as their presence means the addition of fun accessories. Their width lends valuable space to appoint that 'gotta-have' lamp and a spot for amazing wall art above. This arrangement will make for one impressive focal point.

Knowing your style is the first order of business when choosing a console or sofa table. When considering a particular table, the legs betray its style followed by its finish and any hardware like drawer pulls and exposed trimwork or studs. Together these features help define your space's genre.

Console tables- like these with spindle legs - are immediately recognized as colonial, French country and traditional styles. It's a good idea to follow suit with similar leg styles on your other pieces for a cohesive look in your new space.


Versatile Black Sofa/Console Table with Storage Drawer Under 50-Inches

Versatile Black Sofa/Console Table with 4 Storage Drawers Under 50-Inches

The simplicity of the straight line belies the power you'll have when decorating. Linear furniture pieces have sharp, crisp lines allowing your accessories and wall art to take part in the spaces overall 'production.' Often, more weighty, ornate pieces are a hard act to follow when it comes to pairing your table with lamps or other chotskies where they'll have to compete with scrollwork and unique finishes.

If you've an amazing table lamp you want to show off it's best to opt for a console table like these with minimal lines, where your favorite accessory can take center stage. In a sense, these linear pieces translate to 'more power to you.' Too, if you're unsure of what table is best in your room, I suggest going with a less is more' mantra -- where you're sure to win.

Traditional Black Coffee/Sofa Table with Storage Drawers and One Shelf

Traditional Black Coffee/Sofa Table with Drawers and Two Shelves

Weighty pieces like these console tables that may boast several drawers and/or a shelf or two, are not easy to lug around while you decide about placement. I'm forever getting out paper and pencil, drawing out my room's furniture in different arrangements. You don't have to draw everything to scale; just draw each thing relative to its size: big sofa gets a big rectangle and slightly smaller sofa table gets a slightly small rectangle. How's that for math and science?

You may be surprised what furniture placements you come up with. A little planning goes a long way!

The Distressed Look: Modern to Rustic - Sofa Table with Drawers and Bottom Shelf

Safavieh American Homes Collection Autumn Distressed Black 3-Drawer Console Table
Safavieh American Homes Collection Autumn Distressed Black 3-Drawer Console Table

Distressed finishes like this table boasts are ideal for several decor genres, particularly with its less- descriptive legs. I can identify a modern loft look with metal, industrial accouterments, like gears and repurposed tools as accessories. Conversely, you can include this table in a rustic, space with a wood based lamp and old books.

If you're inclined to change course redecorating every other year, I suggest you choose versatile furniture pieces whenever practical, so you'll only be a few pieces of art and a throw pillow away from your next new look!

Black Console Table with Two Drawers and Shelf
Black Console Table with Two Drawers and Shelf

Keeping Things Simple

Craftsman Style Black Console Table

It's okay if you're not among the House Beautiful ilk. Keeping your surroundings simple doesn't translate to boring, rather some of the best rooms are minimally appointed and quite comfortable.

If you're inclined to forsake all the 'fluff' and want a console table that will follow you everywhere, styles like this one can earn their keep in so many decor palettes.

I like the model room shown here, where there's a vintage duo of suitcases below and a metal dish atop. It's easy to see how well a table like this one will meld into your overall scheme. I can see a long history with this style table with its brushed nickle finish drawer pulls.

I once heard every room should have one piece of black furniture and I tend to agree; they're timeless and compliant. And that's a win-win.

Contemporary Black Coffee/Sofa Table with Two Drawers and One Shelf

Traditional Black Coffee/Sofa Table with Three Drawers and One Shelf

Traditional Black Coffee/Sofa Table with One Storage Drawer and One Shelf

Somerton Dwelling Element Console Table
Somerton Dwelling Element Console Table

As I mentioned earlier, the straight line leaves room for showing off your accessories. These tables all share the same linear design but as shown in the model rooms, there's any number of options for design. While I'm more inclined to dress the table with statues and Italian glass, I can envision a nautical theme or a country flower arrangement just as well.

As for room placement, the versatile straight line will go nicely in a home office to house periodicals and reference books, or even a kitchen with cookbooks.

It's only a matter of personal taste with these chameleons. They'll certainly call any place home.


Black Sofa Table with Two Extra Storage Drawers and Shelves Under 50 Inches

Black Sofa Table with Extra Storage Drawers and Shelves Nearly 50 Inches

Adam Console Table
Adam Console Table

It might seem counter intuitive to have a large console table in a smaller space but I'm more keen on using one larger, dual-purpose piece in limited areas versus several smaller furniture pieces that occupy valuable floor space.

Console tables like these have roomy drawers and shelving for books or decorative storage bins and baskets.

You may be able to replace several furniture pieces: table, shelf and dresser with this one substantial table -- definately a smart use of space.

Black Sofa Table with Basket Drawers
Black Sofa Table with Basket Drawers

Adding Natural Elements

Black Console Table with Natural Weave Storage Bins

Rooms can be instantly 'lifted' with the addition of natural elements like the weaved baskets in this console table. Spaces appear lighter and airy with live plants and furniture woven from banana leaves and wicker. Grasses are often the choice for sunrooms and atriums for this reason.

I suggest adding at least one piece of furniture or accessory from nature--even if it's a hardy plant or bamboo tray. Rooms that tend to have more shadow than sun will benefit most with such an addition along with a mirror to brighten the space.

Cappuccino Finish Sofa/Console Table with Drawer and Bottom Shelf 50 Inches Long

Cappuccino Finish Sofa Console Table with Drawer and Bottom Shelf Under 50 Inches

l'm a big fan of cappuccino finishes; they're a pleasant mix of black and brown and will most likely blend in with your present and future decorating ventures. Cappuccino is a great compromise if you're on the fence with deciding to go with black or brown console table.

There's just enough of both hues in cappuccino and you can add black accessories to enhance the darker color or add light brown chotskies to liven up the brown. Consider adding a rug in the color you're looking to bring out. If you're not sure on brown or black, opt for cappuccino.

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